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Teck Kee Hot & Cold Dessert 德记冷热饮甜品

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Teck Kee Hot & Cold Dessert 德记冷热饮甜

 Teck Kee Hot and Cold Dessert 2

My glutton princess hardly compromised on desserts when come across a good one. She will prepare to stretch the stomach and go over the limit but will not give her sweet tooth a miss.

After the heavy meal at the Adam Food Centre with all the good food, we went for the famous dessert stall and ordered the ice kachang, cheng ting and black glutinous rice.

Ice kachang

Teck Kee Hot and Cold Dessert 3

One of the most important criterions we measure a good ice kachang lies with the quality of the shredded ice. A coarse shredded ice and a snow flake fine shredded ice could make a hell of difference to the taste of the bowl of the ice kachang. The fine shredded ice has better absorption rate and able to soak up the essence of the flavouring and evaporated milk which help to lift the overall taste. Beside the fine shredded ice, the red bean buried under the fine ice was soft and well seasoned with a tab of sweetness, combine with the sweet corn and other toppings; it makes the ice kechang a salivating dessert for the sweet tooth.


Cheng Tng

Teck Kee Hot and Cold Dessert 4

The sweetness was well balance and every spoonful was simply delightful, the ingredients e.g. dried longan, lotus seeds, white fungus and barley were well cooked to the right softness. The fine ice rather than the coarse shredded ice added on it truly makes the bowl of cheng tng the best quenching dessert in a hot day.


Black glutinous rice

Teck Kee Hot and Cold Dessert 1

The black glutinous rice was ordinary and nothing worth mentioning.

Overall, Teck Kee Hot & Cold Dessert serves good quality desserts that will please many of you who have the sweet tooth.

 Teck Kee Hot and Cold Dessert 7


Teck Kee Hot & Cold Dessert 德记冷热饮甜

Address: Adam Road Food Centre, Stall 31, 2 Adam Road Singapore 289876

Telephone: 64697238

Operating hours: 12pm to 12am, Closed on Mondays

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