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Tea Dot Cafe @ Singapore Jurong East

Tea Dot Cafe @ Singapore Jurong East

With so many coffee/tea café joints in Singapore like Starbucks, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Spinelli – just to name a few, we decided to pay Tea Dot a visit just to see how it fares against the established giants. (Well, that, and also because we had purchased a Groupon deal for 50% off and felt compelled to make full use of it…)

Tea Dot cafe is a modern tea cafe that tries to reinvent the tea-drinking experience, with a strong focus on taste and health by offering truly unique and great-tasting gourmet teas. So if you are a tea lover; you’re definitely at the right place.

TeaDot 1

Located in Jurong East, Westgate is a suburban mall and a lifestyle hub that caters to middle class shopping needs.

TeaDot 2

At Tea Dot cafe, we were spoilt for choice as they had plenty of hearty brunch options for us to choose from. This was something we weren’t prepared for as their online menu didn’t reflect their brunch choices.

Earl grey cake ($6.90)

This was supposed to have a distinctive earl grey taste with bergamot flavour infused into the cheese cake, however, taste-wise it was pretty mediocre, could have been more fragrant. Plus point was that it’s not too sweet and that the texture of the cake was fine! My little bro loved it because it was mild tasting, even though he has never liked tea and is not able to appreciate tea at all… Not sure if I really get the logic behind that though!

TeaDot 4

Matcha Latte ($6.80)

The latte was very diluted, although the fragrance of the tea was present. There was a little weird aftertaste which might have been from soaking the tea leaves for too long.

TeaDot 6

Hot chocolate drink ($6.75)

The drink wasn’t too sweet which was to our liking, however, the dark chocolate was a little mild and lacked richness.

TeaDot 7

Chicken Delight ($15.95)

The chicken meat was tender and well-seasoned, though we would have preferred an even more robust seasoning. That said, this is a dish still worth a try. The salad greens were fresh and crunchy with tangy dressing.

TeaDot 9

All day breakfast ($18.95) / Scrambled Egg Special ($14.95)

TeaDot 10

There was also mock turkey bacon that was soft and just a little bit too fake for our liking. But the mushroom was extremely fresh and juicy: topped with some cheese and black pepper, it was perfect! Served with some mildly sweet bread toast and scrambled egg, the egg was of the right consistency but could’ve been better if it was creamier. (We would love to eat this again just for the juicy plump mushrooms – can’t help it, we are mushroom lovers!)

TeaDot 13

Spinach Ham Quiche ($6.10)

The flavour was well balanced, none of the ingredients were too overpowering even with the presence of cheese. The slightly peppery taste gave the Spinach Ham Quiche an extra punch and the pastry was crispy and flaky too. Overall it’s a nice snack to go with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate drink.

TeaDot 12

Bangers and Mash ($14.95)

Bangers were savoury with the right texture, the mash was the same as that of the Chicken Delight, which was pretty ordinary and nothing to write home about.

TeaDot 11

Dark Chocolate Rainbow ($8.50)

While the texture was fine and the cake was moist and not too sweet, taste-wise it was pretty unremarkable. The dark chocolate frosting was all that we could taste! Tea Dot may have tried to jump on the rainbow cake bandwagon, however, taste is still paramount to us, and we think more work is still required before it can truly dazzle.

TeaDot 8

Yuzu Oolong ($6.95)

Yuzu and Oolong together turned out to be quite a unique blend, the right ratio was attained when making the drink as we could enjoy the fragrance of the Yuzu and Oolong together. Refreshing!

TeaDot 5

On the whole, we’d probably give their hot drinks a miss as they were on the diluted side. The brunch items were reasonable and filling though.

So, if you are looking for a relaxing place for breakfast or a place to laze around in the mid-day,Tea Dot could be a good choice. Reading a book, sipping a cup of gourmet tea, nibbling palatable snacks… Can’t think of a better way to pass time on a lazy day!

 TeaDot 3

Tea Dot Cafe Singapore

Add: Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive, Westgate #01-08, Singapore 608532

Hrs: 10am – 10pm



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