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Tau Sar Pau / Red Bean Pau

Tau Sar Pau (Red Bean Pau) Review


Do not confuse the Tau Sar Piah豆沙饼 with the Tau Sar Pau豆沙包 that I am going to talk about. Tau Sar Piah豆沙饼 refers to those baked pastry with a flaky, crispy and buttery skin.

Tau Sar Pau








Tau Sar Pau豆沙包 refers to those made of whitish skin steamed buns with green bean paste or red bean paste filling.

White Tau Sar Pau









Most of the Tau Sar Pau available in Singapore are very much lacking of the pau’s character, most of it are usually fluffy, coarse, blend and the bean paste is made up of some low grade bean paste with sugar for some sweetness and that’s it! What a disappointment until I came upon this stall selling pau in Hougang Hainanese village centre market and food centre.   The stall rented one small area from a chicken rice stall and you could easily miss it if you go by the signboard – chicken rice stall selling pau! You need to look out the side panel. The stall selling Johor Baru’s handmade pau with the famous extra large Amy Yip’s pau, Char Siew pau, coffee favour pau, chicken / pork big pau, lotus paste pau and kou bak pau. However, what caught us the special attention is the Tau Sar Pau (red bean pau),  the pau is more flat like a burger than the mountain shape that is more common in Singapore. Tau Sar Pau







The pau is outstanding in both the texture and filling, the skin is soft, dense and very fine with a refinement in the flavour, it is far superior to any of the local pau skin we had tried. The red bean paste inside was rich, authentic and mildly sweet just perfect to our liking.

Tau Sar Pau









Do take note that the Tau Sar Pau is only available on specific days of the week and sold out rapidly, so, you got to try your luck. To avoid disappointment, do call the auntie to verify the stock before you go.  We were usually bought 20 to 30 in one go and keep stock knowing the dynamic of the supply. We dare to say this is probably one of the best or may be the best Tau Sar Pau in Singapore from Johor Baru. Do try it to appreciate a real good Tau Sar Pau.

Tau Sar Pau (Red Bean Pau)

蒸功夫 – 新山手工包点


Singapore 530105, Stall #01-28

HP: 94230383




  1. Are you a relative or close friend of the stall owner? The skin of the pau is so loust that it sticks to your teeth. Worst than local pau.

  2. We are just a food blogger and no relationship to the stall mentioned, sorry for your bad experience, perhaps the standard has dropped over the years and may be time to do a check again.

  3. Hi do u know if the tau sar paus are still available at the place you mentioned?? I tried before from Malaysia and it was so good


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