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Taiwan dessert – Top Merit Food Bouncy Hearty 包心粉圆 (CLOSED)

Taiwan dessert – Top Merit Food Bouncy Hearty 包心粉圆 (PERMANENTLY CLOSED)

Tucked in a small corner of a rather new mall called DjitSun Mall in Ang Mo Kio, Top Merit Food & Beverage claims to be the first in Singapore that sells “Bouncy Hearty” (包心粉圆), a famous Taiwan dessert. On top of that as their main product, they also serve a rather decent variety of fried snacks and bubble tea drinks. What a pity we didn’t actually see any dessert shops in Taiwan selling “Bouncy Hearty”, so we could do a comparison. In case you have no idea what “Bouncy Hearty” is, it is a larger version of your usual bubble tea pearls, with a red bean wrapped in the middle. It can be served hot or cold.

Either way, seeing something so unique, we decided to give it a try and ordered the “Bouncy Hearty” Honeycurd, a cup of Taro Milk Tea and Mango Milk Tea.

top merit food 4

Taro Milk Tea

top merit food 2

Was rather fragrant, but a little too sweet so do remember to ask for less sugar when ordering this drink, unless you’ve got the sweet tooth! If you’re into the authentic real Taro Milk Tea, with chunks of yam in your drink, this isn’t the one for you.

Mango Milk Tea

top merit food 5

Average, nothing special, didn’t taste bad but it didn’t wow us either.

“Bouncy Hearty” Honeycurd

top merit food 3

The “Bouncy Hearty” itself didn’t have much of a wow effect either, although it was indeed chewy and nice to munch on. The red bean in the ball didn’t have much of a red bean taste, it was mainly just sweet. As for the Honeycurd, it was kind of similar to the soya bean puddings that are everywhere nowadays, except that it’s softer. The Honeycurd also came with 2 scoops of Vanilla “Snow Ice”, which we weren’t sure if that was the correct name for it as the ice used was rather coarse. But otherwise, it was light and fragrant, similar to a scoop of Vanilla ice cream!


Top Merit Food & Beverages Enterprises Ptd Ltd (CLOSED!)


Address : DjitSun Mall, 5 Ang Mo Kio Central 2 #01-03 Singapore 569663
Telephone : 6459 2660






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