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Tai Dong Teochew Duck Rice 大中潮州卤鸭饭

Tai Dong Teochew Duck Rice 大中潮州卤鸭饭

Tai Dong teochew duck rice 1

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Tai Dong Teochew Duck Rice used to operate in Upper Circular Road and later moved to Sims Vista 49 Market And Food Centre in 2013. Sims Vista 49 is one of the very few food centres has it sheer size completely out of proportion to the small build up of HDB there, hiding in a small estate but much bigger than food centres than Clementi, Bedok or Ang Mo Kio. Lucky to the residents here.

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Tai Dong Teochew Duck Rice is not the only one selling duck rice here, the stall has to  compete head on with another famous duck rice – Hollywood braised duck that has gone through the same fate of relocation, moved from previously food centre along the Tanjong Kotong area to join the competition.

We ordered a set of duck rice with extra braised pork and egg that costs $5.90.

Tai Dong teochew duck rice 3

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Gravy: sauce is one of the darkest and the iconic trademark for Tai Dong braised duck, the sauce is closely resemble to the Ah Xiao Teochew braised duck from Golden mile food centre, both gravy are high viscous and not gooey at all.

Duck: the duck was bathed in the dark sauce and that transformed the braised duck into deep dark brown colour, a huge different to those with nice golden brown colour. The texture may not be fine but tenderness of the meat is commendable, you can fully appreciate the present of the seasoning fragrance infused into the meat.

Tai Dong teochew duck rice 4

Rice: White rice slathered with dark gravy but it will be better the rice can be more fragrance, soft and moist.

Soup: it was cooked with cabbage and naturally the sweetness of cabbage was fairly prominent in the soup, not the herbal flavour for sure.

Chili: mild spicy but ordinary.

Our verdict:

Tai Dong Teochew Duck Rice may not be seen as a strong rival to the counterpart Hollywood braised duck judging from the queue waiting in line. However, the traditional Teochew braised duck technique is masterfully demonstrated here.

Tai Dong may have the darkest braised duck amongst the duck rice stalls we have tried, but so what, it is the good duck rice ones enjoyed and we did.

Tai dong teochew duck rice大中潮州卤鸭饭

Add: Sims Vista 49 Market And Food Centre, 49 Sims Place, 01-04, Singapore 380049

Hrs: 10am to 3pm Fri to Wed, closed on Thursdays

Tel: 9476-2449


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