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Symmetry Cafe Review – Balance in All Aspects

Symmetry Cafe Review

Things in symmetrical symbolized equilibrium and harmony, it has to be felt good. That’s what we are looking for when stepping into this Symmetry Cafe.

Symmetry Cafe Review

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Classic French cuisine is served in this cosy cafe located at Jalan Kubor. Rustic furniture and touch of eclectic decoration inlay amongst the red brick to create a chic contemporary ambience with emphasis on European’s wildness. The choice of outdoor sittings provide an alternative for those prefer the natural air or when no other choice (Hi Hi…full house lah!)

Symmetry Cafe Review

The price seems high when looking through the menu and the expectations naturally goes hand on hand.

symmetry 8

Crispy Baby Squid $17

symmetry 3

Baby squid coated with batter and deep fried. We would’ve preferred it to be more crispy but that’s just our personal preference. The black pepper sauce on the side gave it the extra oomph!

symmetry 14

Truffle Potato Fries $15

symmetry 2

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My parents think it was a tab too salty but that sound good to me and my brother,  the young one like it and we whacked down everything. The French fries was not the cheapo type that make you feel like eating stripes of unripe sweet potatoes and …. you can really taste the truffle which was too addictive to pause even for a second! However, $15 for French Fries is seem overcharging for the small serving size you get.

symmetry 11

Symmetry Eggs Benedict $22

symmetry 6

What to say about eggs Benedict that everywhere are almost the same and how Symmetry can make an impression? Somehow, we just like it for a reason not easily be described, may be the way sunny eggs were prepared? Or the ham and salad its was done? Freshness perhaps? We know it is definitely one of the better eggs Benedict we have come across.

symmetry 12

Truffle Mushroom Carbonara $23

symmetry 13

Lighter version of cabonara, mushrooms were fresh and juicy, there was a tinge of truffle flavour that could be tasted but definitely not the best that we had.
symmetry 4

Symmetry Eggs Sur Le Plat $24

symmetry 5

Not cheap for a slice of bread and some pork sausages with the tomato based sauce. May be it was served on a stone pan and the presentation already command a premium. The stone pan keeps the food warm after awhile; we loved the different sausages used in the dish and the sauce was alluring to keep us mum about the steep price.

Waffles $16

symmetry 7

We nagged on every dish served for its exorbitant pricing including the $16 Waffles, worth the price? It was crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, the berry compote used was fresh and rich. Nice waffles though not make you psychotically gone crazy about it.

symmetry 9

Our verdict, Symmetrical comes with balancing of everything to achieve harmony and equilibrium. At Symmetry, the price is not easily to stomach for many and not easily balanced with the budgets, fortunately, it made up with the quality of the food, That’s what Symmetry is named and all about, as what they claimed you can walk in every single time knowing it’s going to be good and then leave feeling happier… and loved.

Symmetry cafe

Add: 9 Jalan Kubor, #01-01, Singapore 199206
Tel: +65 6291 9901
Web: http://www.symmetry.com.sg
Tue to Thu: 11am – 11pm
Fri & Sat: 11am – 12 midnight
Sun: 11am – 7pm

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