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Swensen’s SG50

Swensen’s SG50

For those who have been frequenting Swensen’s the past few months, you all would’ve noticed that Swensen’s offers a new fusion dish on a monthly basis! This will continue on till the end of the year in commemoration of Singapore turning 50 this year. As such, we’ve had the chance to have a sneak peek of next three dishes coming up for the month of April, May and June.

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SG50 Lobster Roll ($21.80)

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For the month of April, you can have a bite of the affordable Lobster Roll which was the craze a few months back. This time round however, the lobster chunks are drizzled in homemade chilli crab sauce to bring in the local flavour. We liked how the portion of the meat was quite generous for the price you pay, and it went well with the butter buns! Though we still prefer the Lobster Roll we had few months ago.

BBQ Boneless Chicken ($14.90)

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For the month of May, Swensen’s will be serving up plates of boneless chicken that is marinated overnight with Swensen’s in house pineapple BBQ sauce. While the grilled chicken was tender and slightly charred on the outsides, we found the sauce to be ordinary but we love the buttered potatoes and sautéed vegetables on the side.

Fried Crayfish

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This was our favourite dish out of the three! For the month of June, you get to enjoy extremely succulent golden fried crayfish that’s enveloped in breadcrumbs. Every bite you take produces a crunch that’s simply melodic to the ears (or that’s how I felt). Dipped in the Swensen’s Chilli Crab sauce with chunks of crab meat in it, it was simply divine. The golden pillows (fried mantous) on the side was perfect for making sure not a single drop of chilli crab sauce is wasted.

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We highly recommend you give the Fried Crayfish a try, since it’s the June holidays then, there’s no reason to miss it! Meanwhile, we’re looking forward to the next quarter’s dishes!

On a side note, Swensen’s is currently having a Ciabatta Tea Set promotion ongoing at ALL outlets, whereby you get to enjoy three mini Ciabatta rolls with homemade special honey buttercream with free flow of coffee, tea or soft drinks for only $5! Promotion’s available on weekdays, excluding eve of and on Public Holidays.

Swensen’s SG50

Please refer to Swensen’s website for all the outlet locations.


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