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Swensen’s Celebrates SG50

As we all know, Singapore will be turning 50 in 2015! (cues whistles, claps and fireworks) In line with Singapore celebrating her HUGE 50 milestone, Swensen’s will be releasing a new dish every month that uses Singaporean flavours which are meant to bring you back down memory lane! Do note that there will be a new dish released every month, with each dish lasting for the month that it is released in, so that means TWELVE new dishes to look forward to during 2015!

For the month of January:

Laksa Aglio Olio with King Prawns ($14.90)

 Swensen A 2

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This doesn’t really taste like our usual Singaporean Laksa, although it does make use of Laksa leaves with its King Prawns tossed in Laksa Pesto. One thing for sure, the prawns were fresh and juicy; something unique worth trying!

For the month of February:

Grilled Chicken with Spicy Satay Sauce ($14.90)

 Swensen A 3

Obviously inspired by our local satay, this dish transformed the chicken on sticks to chicken fillets. (Is this considered a “deconstructed” version of a satay on a plate?) The tender chicken meat was served with butter rice, and salad comprising of cucumber and onions; the highlight for me was the crackers or better known as “Keropok” as no one can resist crispy prawn crackers!

For the month of March:

Beef Rendang Baked Rice ($13.90)

Swensen A 5

My personal favourite out of all three dishes, the beef strips were tender and the spicy homemade rendang sauce added the extra kick to the dish. With melted cheese to gel the beef strips and the rice, it’ll leave you wanting for more.

Swensen A 4

Last but not least, we also had the chance to try one of Swensen’s festive desserts which comprised of salted caramel ice cream with caramel sauce and popcorn. We loved how fine the ice cream was and that its sweetness was just right.

Swensen A 6

We’re rather stoked for the 9 other local dishes that Swensen’s has put a spin on for the rest of 2015, we shall wait and see! Thanks Swensen’s for the invitation.

Swensen’s Celebrates SG50
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