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(Note: Supperman has ceased the operation from the existing location since Aug 2014)

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Stepping into Supperman café, the red and orange warm colours takes up a large part of the restaurant. As we know, Different colors promote different moods, red and orange are very stimulating colours and tend to raise your appetite. In this instance, Supperman knows their customer and business well.

We were greeted by Wendy who is the pastry chef and co-founder of Supperman, her warm personality makes us extremely comfortable and a pleasant start of the food tasting. Wendy has specially prepared some of the café signature dishes for our review


Pan-fried cod with preserved radish and soya broth

supperman 3aPand-fried cod fish was doused with soya broth cooked with preserved radish, garnished with Alfafa and dried chili, a clever adoption the medley of the East and West, created a fusion dish that was delectable to the taste buds. The cod fish may be a little overdone and the juiciness from the fish fat was not too distinct, but overall the preserved radish and soya broth complement well with the pan-fried cod fish and overall a good impression for the start.


    Brandt prime ribeye with passion fruit mustard sauce (special of the week)

supperman 4a Supperman does serve weekly special dish by the chef, this week special was Brandt prime ribeye, Brandt Prime Boneless Ribeyes are famous among the connoisseur of quality beef, the Rib-Eye Steak is held in high regard for its ample marbling, which produces a juicy, flavourful dining experience.

The beef was sliced to the right thickness and with medium rare for the doneness which was perfect to our liking. The beef was doused with passion fruit mustard sauce and the combination was surprisingly appealing to the taste.

 Cereal crusted chicken cutlet with yuzu wasabi sauce

supperman 5a

Chicken cutlet was coated with cereal and deep fried to produce a golden brown crusted chicken that was crisp exterior but tender internally, however, the chicken was a little dry and could be more juicy.  Yuzu wasabi sauce was then applied over the chicken cutlet to enhance the overall tastefulness of the chicken. In our opinion, the dish could be a little ordinary; the taste of cereal was not prominent.  More wasabi sauce to come with the dish is more desirable.


Pan-seared ribeye with green onion puree

supperman 6a

A good pan seared rib eye steak greatly depends on the right technique to pan searing the steaks, a super hot pan is key to create the distinct sizzling and to produce the right steak that is tender and juicy. The pan-seared ribeye was undeniably cooked to a perfect texture, green onion puree was served with the beef which gave a different dimension to the taste compared to the Brandt prime ribeye with passion fruit mustard sauce.


Laksa seafood linguine


supperman 7a

Linguine was very well married with the tangy and coconut rich laksa paste to create another East and West fusion – an unique creation by Supperman.  We will prefer the linguine could be a little softer in the texture, however, the aromatic of the laksa paste would have enough to make you finish the bowl of sinfully gravy without too much the hesitation, some may find the gravy cloying but overall a great dish you should not miss.  


Coconut butter tarts

supperman 15a

Who can resist the temptation from the fragrance of coconut combined with the flavourful of the butter in the tarts? Probably not us. Gula Malaka (coconut sugar) formed the foundation in the small crust biscuit base and coconut with butter mixture filled the balance of the tarts, sweetness of the tart was perfect and the coconut butter filling was heavenly alluring to all of us, going with the vanilla ice cream, it makes the dessert a wonderful way to end the meal.


Chocolate mud cakes

supperman 11aKind of similar to the chocolate lava cake, however, Wendy has somehow twisted the presentation by keeping the “lava” at the sides of the dessert instead of encrusted by the dark chocolate cake.  The molten dark chocolate was replaced by the coffee flavour lava as well. The chocolate cake was moist and flavourful, go fairly well with the coffee lava and vanilla ice cream.    

supperman 12a

Overall, Supperman has a cosy and relaxing atmosphere that is a great chill-out place where you can sit down, have a drink, enjoy the music and of course, tuck in the delicious dishes.

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32 Maxwell Road #01-06

Maxwell Chambers, Singapore 069115 (CLOSED)

Telephone: 62240338 / 93696887





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