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SUFOOD 舒果, Singapore @ Raffles City – Innovative Vegetarian food

SUFOOD 舒果,Singapore @ Raffles City – Innovative Vegetarian food

We were excited when we received the invitation to attend the media tasting by SuFood Singapore. Out of the many food tasting sessions we’ve been to, this is one of the very few that provides a relatively new and innovative dining concept – an Italian-inspired vegetarian cuisine with no artificial flavourings or MSG. For the Glutton family, this is already a big thumbs up.

sufood 2

SUFOOD Singapore finds its inspiration in Italian cuisine; chiefly through its reliance on using basic cooking techniques that coax diverse and rich flavors from quality ingredients in order to create innovative and delicious meat-free dishes.

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This invitation also piqued the interest of our teenage daughter QiQi more so than usual, and put her in a dilemma: leave her project presentation incomplete for the next day or to sample the food here? Fortunately she knew her priority. (No, not the food!)

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Strictly speaking, SuFood is not purely Italian cuisine but rather a fusion of both Italian and Chinese. You can find pasta, spaghetti, baked rice, salad, pastries in the menu – alongside seaweed, Chinese herbal or stewed vegetable soup and invigorating local desserts.

If you think vegetarian food is lackluster without meaty flavours, you will probably be impressed by how SuFood can challenge your prejudice. We tasted an 8 course meal ($25 per head) and from the appetizer, main course to the dessert, my wife – Ping and I both give them a big thumbs up.

Besides its emphasis on health by providing balanced, nutritious food, and fresh ingredients without artificial chemical and additives, SuFood also did not neglect the aesthetic factor as well, as every dish served was beautifully plated and presented. The sequence of dishes served achieved a certain harmony in taste, allowing you to fully appreciate the art of eating and the beauty of the food.


A delicate trio of poached Japanese yuca root drizzled with a blueberry coulis, a stack of oriental, white water snowflake greens and a savoury cherry tomatoes jelly.

sufood 6

You will be taught to eat from the mildest flavour of white water snowflake greens to the more intense flavour of cherry tomatoes jelly, as the wrong sequence will apparently mess up your taste buds. We obediently followed.

The bread

Starting with the breadstick, the home-made rosemary-infused Italian grissini dipping sticks were served with a sweet mustard or blueberry dip. I was quite hungry and munched on quite a few of the sticks in one go, as it was nice to go with the dip. Love it but regretted it later on…You’ll soon find out why!

sufood 5


You will be served with fruit vinegar to “open up” your appetite; we had the strawberry flavored vinegar and its taste was kind of medicinal.


sufood 8

We opted for the signature Mushroom salad and Summer salad, freshness is guaranteed and you get to enjoy the taste of nature from the sweetness and extreme crunchiness of the greens.

sufood 7


The choice of Mushroom Pea Potage Soup and Cabbage Sweet Potato Stew Soup were good evidence of refined skills from the chef.

sufood 11

The flavoursome and enticing soup allows you to fully appreciate the essence of the soup, we diligently drained it to the last drop and by this time I already started to feel full –  and the main course was not even served yet! Now you know why I regretted eating too many of the bread sticks.

sufood 10


We opted for Star Pizza and the Baked Potato Al Funghi, the Star Pizza is a golden star-shaped pizza, filled with oyster mushroom, cream cheese and mustard sauce and topped with salted seaweed. Everything was done well and we enjoyed the pizza which was thin, crisp and flavorful, although there we experienced some issues when eating this dish, as the flimsy seaweed with the cheesy cream “glued” perfectly everywhere in the jaw and teeth! We struggled a little to get it down the esophagus.

sufood 13

The Steamed King Oyster mushrooms were drizzled with Italian herb vinaigrette and a slice of baked potato, topped with stir-fried Button mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and a layer of melted cheese.  A dish that surprised us with its delicate craftsmanship and taste.

sufood 12


sufood 15

Our choice of Osmanthus Flower Jelly and the Banana Cheesecake drizzled with blueberry sauce stretched our stomachs over the limit. But the Glutton family hardly ever gives good food a miss so rest assured, nothing went to waste.

sufood 14

Our verdict: if you think of vegetarian food as bland and tasteless, SuFood will likely change your perception of it completely. From the very first dish to the last, we found ourselves thoroughly savoring delicate yet complex flavors while admiring the artistic flair presented to us on every plate.

We daresay SuFood at Raffles City has created a new paradigm in the way vegetarian food is presented. It’s reasonably priced for the value and quality you’re getting – surely a boon for the value-conscious Singaporean. And for the glutton family, SuFood did indeed impress us, and we left the place with great satisfaction – and a commitment to be a regular here.

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SUFOOD 舒果, Singapore @ Raffles City – Innovative Vegetarian food

Add: 252 North Bridge Road, #02-19, Raffles City, Singapore 179103

Tel: 6278 3663

Fax: 6749 6936

Hrs: 11.30am to 3.30pm; 5.50pm – 10.00pm






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