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Steamed Gourmet

Steamed Gourmet

Too much of good food recently and my wife affirmatively made up her mind to go for something healthy for her lunch today, she came back with a bamboo steamer tray and a bowl of brown rice. Well, brown rice definitely falls under the healthy food category and steamed food should be much healthier in my perception. Guess what? She bought a plate of steamed minced meat! That’s healthy?

Steamed minced meat


By the way, the steamed minced meat was surprisingly tasty and nice. The minced meat was steamed with thin slices of lotus root; seasoning was perfect and not too salty, making a perfect dish to go with the brown rice.  The minced meat was steamed to the perfect texture with moist, every mouthful of the minced meat was filled with great satisfactory sensation that was alluring to the taste bud.

sk2 What is the best actually went to the broth that pooled in the plate after the steaming process; the distilled natural juices of all the ingredients was all the essence and turned everything into beautifully subtle sweet tastes.

Steamed Tofu with Fish

The Steamed Tofu with fish was just with average standard, however, the steaming tofu and fish was not too salty and seasoning was quite well balance, this is definitely a very healthy dish accompanied by the brown rice. Perfect choice for anyone looking for a healthy meal.



Steamed Sesame Chicken


The chicken was steamed with mushroom, black fungus, dried golden needle mushroom and red date. Every thing in the bowl was simply luscious and delectable. The chicken was so tendered that it got dissolved easily in the mouth, an evident that the bowl of chicken had gone through hours of  steaming to soften the meat. With the flavourful seasoning, making the dish one of the best steamed chicken rice on the menu. A must try from  this stall.




Steamed Gourmet

Address: Jurong East Mall Level 5,

Koufu food court 8 Jurong Town Hall Road, Jurong East Singapore 609434



  1. Yesterday evening I ordered from Steamed Goumet one Steamed Sesame Chicken and a bowl of brown rice @ Hougang Mall, Level 4 Kopitiam Food Court.

    I have bought along a food tingkat as it was a takeaway. There were two attendants – an elderly man and a middle-aged woman. For the Steamed Chicken, the woman poured out the gravy and added two scoops of soya sauce into the chicken in my tingkat. I told her that would be very saltist! Besides, she has no right to pour away the previous chicken gravy and replace it with soya sauce.

    She retorted that I did not stop her from pouring out the sauce if I wanted it. Her actrion in pouring out the gravy into her bowl was too fast and I was surprised. Despite my remarks, she continued to put in the soya sauce into myt tingkat but also added one small scoop of the gravy from her bowl to my tingkat meaning to return me the gravy.

    Is this the Company’s practice to pour out the precious gravy into your own bowl? The most importantr part of the steamed dish is actually the gravy. The worst part is to replace the gravy with the saltist soya sauce!! That being so, rest assured I will NOT patronise all STEAMED GOURMET stalls.

  2. Betsy, sad to hear that your bad experience with the stall. We are equally particular about service and hope they do something to improve it.



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