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Starlit Homemade Curry 南南星光咖喱屋

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Starlit Homemade Curry 南南星光咖喱屋

Starlit Homemade Curry 4

We went there before lunch and decided to try the Starlit homemade curry again. It has been a long time since our last visit to this food centre many years ago. My daughter has a bad memory about this stall with her tooth dislodged when eating the toasted French loaf with the curry from this stall, though it happened many years ago when she was a young girl but the phobia of eating hard crusted bread with curry seems to be still dangling in her mind.

We ordered same pork rib curry together with the toasted bread again, it was funny to read our princess facial expression but she was courageous enough to go for it to try it and of course, none of her teeth drop this round.

Starlit Homemade Curry 2

The curry was lukewarm and not piping hot, the first mouthful of the bread with the curry sent a weird taste instantly into our taste buds, it was not a taste of distinct curry flavour but a slight sourness buried in the rich and thick gravy. It was not the sourness you experience with the deteriorated food usually kept overnight or without proper storage temperature or environment, the kind of food that could make your stomach upset. However, the sourness with Starlit curry more like the result from extended storage of the curry and some of the ingredients triggered the reaction to make the curry turn sour. We were puzzled with the strange taste as this was not assam curry that you can expect the sourness from assam (tamarind) as well, what we ordered was the traditional curry and by right, a freshly cooked traditional curry should not taste sour and we are pretty sure it was not the same taste we had in our last visit.  

We cannot speculate if it was the overnight curry kept in the fridge but we don’t expect the sour taste from a freshly cooked curry and moreover we were the very first few customers of the day.

We left with a disappointment and of course the bowl of unfinished curry. To us, this is a serious matter that Starlit need to pay more attention on their quality control and prevent the same serious error again.

 Starlit Homemade Curry 1

Starlit Homemade Curry

Address:  #01-15 Lavender Food Square, 380 Jalan Besar

operating hours: From 10am to 9pm

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