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Soyahouse Café @ Scotts Road Far East Plaza – the healthier choice

Soyahouse Café @ Scotts Road Far East Plaza – the healthier choice

Soya beancurd and soy drink are perennial favorites on our island – like Rochor bean curd, Lao Ban bean curd and Mr Bean – just some of the more well-known chains that are popular with the masses.

soyhouse 2

Soyahouse café is probably one of the newest players in the soybean business. We were invited for a food review session at this small eating house at Far East Plaza, offering freshly made soymilk and beancurd. They have a soybean drink making machine  on site to ensure the freshest products are served at all times, with other products made in-house as well.

Soy bean drink $1.50

The drink was freshly made directly from the machine and freshness is guaranteed. The drink was smooth and fine, sweetness can be customized to the individual preference. As typical Singaporeans, we went for 50% sugar. The light aroma from the soy bean was pleasant and inviting.

soyhouse 1

Though the drink tasted fine, we did wish it could have been a little thicker and richer though.

Soybean curd $1.60 (Hot) $1.80 (Cold)

A real good beancurd must be silky smooth and fine, with Rochor bean curd, one of the most famous and influential players with their superior quality beancurd in Singapore, setting the standard. While the beancurd at Soyhouse cafe was acceptable, it still has room for improvement in terms of smoothness and fineness.

soyhouse 3

Go for the Hot Beancurd with Rice Balls ($2.50) if you like something exotic; rice balls were soft and chewy, a nice combination indeed.

soyhouse 5

Signature Best of Everything $3.00

Glass jelly topped with Gingko nuts, lotus seeds, red bean, the assortment of toppings surprisingly blended quite well with the glass jelly, thanks to the well seasoned and cooked toppings. This is definitely one of the nicest desserts here.

soyhouse 4

Waffles ($1.50 to $2.00 by topping)

Besides soybean as the key products at the cafe, Soyahouse cafe has added waffles to the list. The waffle was fluffy and quite tasty indeed, you have a choice of spreads: peanut butter, kaya, strawberry and butter. Except for the strawberry jam which was too sweet to our liking, the rest of the spreads overall were delightful. (Note: since this was a food tasting session, we were served with all four flavors!)

soyhouse 6

Gelato Ice Cream $3.00 / scoop

Salted caramel, strawberry, green tea and soybean are the four flavours available here.

soyhouse 7

Signature Soil Ice Cream $3.50

This little cute edible flower pot was filled with Belgian Chocolate “soil” and Oreo “Fertilizers” or French Vanilla “Soil” and Milo “Fertilizer”. Kids and adults alike found it hard to resist the temptation of these cute little pots!

soyhouse 8

Overall, if you are looking for healthier desserts, and something local around Orchard with reasonable prices, Soyahouse cafe is likely to meet your cravings. Try their Signature Best of Everything – the waffles with soy milk – and you have yourself a fulfilling snack!
Soyahouse Cafe

Add: Far East Plaza #05-117, 14 Scotts Road, Singapore 228213

Tel: 94313300

Hrs: Daily 9am – 9pm



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