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South Korea Food and Cafe Review @ Seoul Day 6

Seoul’s well known to be a food paradise, especially in the café area; so this entire day was dedicated solely for café hopping!

Hollys Coffee

korea Day 8 1

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korea Day 8 4

korea Day 8 3

A very common coffee house chain in Seoul, of course we had to give it a try! I tried the Belgian Chocochip Hollycino, and the conclusion was that while it didn’t taste fantastic, it didn’t taste bad either.

To The Different

korea Day 7 3

korea Day 7 4

korea Day 7 5

The whole café had like a royal purple theme to it, with comfortable sofa chairs that were white and clean. This particular outlet was situated on the second floor so it was extremely huge and spacious!

Green Tea Shaved Ice

korea Day 7 6

The portion was humongous, the texture of the shaved ice was smooth and the red bean was very fragrant. We highly recommend this!

Strawberry Cheesecake

korea Day 7 7

What we liked about the cheesecake was that the crust was doused in honey, and the cheesecake layer was very rich with cheese and not too creamy. Like the shaved ice, this was once again smooth and easy to eat.

Chocolate Roll Cake

korea Day 7 8

Do not be turned off by the huge amount of cream in the centre, thinking that it’ll be fattening and cloying; the cream was light with a tinge of vanilla essence so it was quite enjoyable. The cake on its own wasn’t too sweet either so huge thumb up for that!

We also tried the café mocha which was smooth!

BeansBins Coffee

korea Day 7 9

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korea Day 7 10

Their storefront reminds me a little of Starbucks Coffee, but unlike Starbucks, BeansBins serves waffles which is said to be one of their specialties!

korea Day 7 11

To see if that’s true, we ordered the Mango Waffle and the Blueberry Waffle. Both waffles did not fail to please us as the waffles were moist and soft inside while still maintaining that crisp on the outside.  The fruits used were all very fresh and the mango ice cream was smooth too. Worth a try!

korea Day 7 12

korea Day 7 13


Once again, we were on the streets of Hong Dae as we decided we had to do some last minute shopping before we fly back to Singapore!

Hong Cup

korea Day 7 14

We walked past this stall quite a couple of times but we only realised it this round when we were hungry and in need of something savoury. We decided to order the Garlic Soy Chicken (Medium sized) for 6,500 KW and my oh my is this the best 6,500 KW we spent in the entire trip.

korea Day 7 15

The chicken bites were nicely marinated and extremely juicy, with crispy skin to ensure that there’s bound to be a crunch with every bite. There’s also fried ddoebokki and tater tots (both marinated in garlic soy sauce too) to make the entire dish even more memorable. You wouldn’t want to give this a miss!


korea Day 7 16

By the time we arrived at Snob which is said to have some of the best Earl Grey Tea Cake around, we could regretfully only order this dessert as we were so full!

korea Day 7 18

That said, we still greatly enjoyed Snob’s Earl Grey Tea cake as it was extremely fragrant, a far cry from the one that we tried from Tea Dot in Singapore. There is also a thin crust at the bottom of the cake to give it the extra kick and oomph!

korea Day 7 17

The Earl Grey Tea Cake marked the end of my 6 Days trip to South Korea. Good Bye! Korea! Hope to see you soon.

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