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South Korea Food and Cafe Review @ Seoul Day 1

With the current K-pop craze and Korean being one of the main trend setters when it comes to fashion in Asia, it is understandable why a 8D7N trip to Seoul wasn’t enough and I’m very sure I HAVE to go back again.

It is also a country whereby you get to see advertisements on plastic surgery plastered everywhere along the walls of the subway station and in the subway. A country you can get free WIFI in the middle of the streets, where there is heaps of street food and night markets for you to shop till drop.

Eating and drinking can never be an offence on the trains and the cleanliness is comparable to any train you see in Singapore, the café culture is embedded with the Korean where there’s a café are sprouting everywhere in the city, it is common to spot a café in every two to three shops apart at places where the youth frequents.

I touched down in Incheon Airport in the morning where there was a jam heading to Summit Hotel at Dongdaemun where we stayed during the trip.


First day in Korea and naturally the first meal has to be authentic local Korean food. For lunch, we specially went to hunt for the local Korean food hidden deep in the streets of MyeongDong, Not too sure the exact address but it can be found at the second lane after you spot McDonalds. This is a recommendation from our friends who ate there the last time she was here. The shop was hidden in like a tiny back alley and could fit only about 15 people (and that’s quite the squeeze).

Korea day 1 1

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Appetisers were free and needless to say tasty, loved everything from the anchovies to the egg. The fish seen in the picture was given on the house simply because my friend used to come here before. The boss was extremely friendly too so you must be sure to not give this a miss if you’re in Seoul!

Korea day 1 2

I had the Kimchi stew which was appetising and left me wanting for more – all other dishes received great reviews too so you can put your mind at ease and order whatever you like. The rice was pearl rice (珍珠米)- the traditional Korean rice and more sticky and fragrant.

Korea day 1 4

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The seafood and green onion pancake made with egg, flour, spring onions and squids were QQ and addictive. Spot this friendly boss the next time you’re in the area!

Korea day 1 3

First meal in Korea and we were so full that we actually skipped the dinner! It was the endless shopping for the rest of the day to help to burn the fat away.

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