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Soul ALife – 100% Plant-Based Vegan Food

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Soul ALife – 100% Plant-Based Vegan Food

Soul ALife is a 100% plant-based cafe, aiming to provide an ultimate way towards a healthier, nutritious yet satisfying meal.

Food from Soul ALife contains no MSG, eggs, Palm oil, Trans fat, cholesterol, is low in saturated fats and sodium, the type of healthy diet that will truly please the health-conscious.

However, It is not easy to create a vegan dish that is delicious. Can Soul ALife lives up to the expectations winning the diner’s hearts over for their Vegan creations?

Buddha Bowl $9.90


Top of the menu from Soul ALife is the Buddha Bowl. The aesthetically-pleasing Buddha Bowl resembled the Korean Bimbimbap, it is a mixture of different ingredients, from roasted vegetables, quinoa, edamame, chickpea, purple slaw, tomato, turmeric cauliflower, marinated tofu & beetroot hummus. Ingredients were fresh and carefully selected to provide a well balanced nutrition meal. The plant-based ingredients may be a little challenging for the carnivores without the meaty taste but should be a delectable meal to the vegan lovers.

Mac and Cheese $7.90

Elbow macaroni and greens covered in special homemade vegan cheese sauce, topped with coconut bacon. The homemade cheese sauce was light and creamy, though missing the fragrance of the bacon bits, the coconut bacon was a consolation for a vegan version of Mac and Cheese.

Teriyaki Burger$9.90


Homemade mushroom patty with sweet and savory teriyaki sauce with sweet potato fries. The patty has a soft and more flaky texture compared to the real meat patty, it was well-seasoned and flavourful. Instead of the unhealthy French fries, it was replaced by the air fried sweet potatoes. Of course, the air-fried version may not as crispy as the deep-fried French fries, but the sweetness of the sweet potatoes more than filled up the gaps.

Thai Style Quinoa $11.90

Thai-infused quinoa with activated cashew and marinated tofu. We were trying hard to figure out what the essence was for this Thai-infused dish. Tasted neither like Tom Yam nor green curry or basil, the seasoning was not distinctive enough to allow the tastebuds to distinguish the flavour.

Yam Roll $3.90


The baked purple yam roll was sweet and nice.

Japanese Gyoza $4.90 (6 pieces)


Japanese pan-fried dumplings with ponzu sauce, side order and nothing too special that is worth mentioning.

Our verdict

Soul ALife provides a good place for those who enjoy delicious and nutritious from the plant-based diets. It is an acquired taste for the meat eaters but certainly a welcoming place for those looking for a healthy diets as part of the lifestyle.


Nankin Row,3 Pickering Street, #01-39, Singapore 048660

Monday – Thursday 10.30am – 8pm

Friday: 10.30am – 9.30pm

Saturday: 12noon – 9.30pm

Sunday/ PH: CLOSED

+65 9183 8290
Visit Website


5 Changi Business Park Central 1, Changi City Point, #02-40, Singapore 486038

11.30am to 9.30pm daily


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