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Soon Lee Lor Mee Stall Review

Soon Lee Lor Mee Stall Review 顺利卤面摊

Soon Lee Lor Mee 1

There are two distinct types of Hokkien Lor Mee, the savoury and the sweet type. Soon Lee Lor Mee belongs to the latter. It very much depends on your preference but our palates are somehow more tuned towards the savoury type. However, it doesn’t mean we relegated Soon Lee Lor Mee, it is still a bowl of good lor mee.

Soon Lee Lor Mee 2

The lor mee was topped with hard-boiled egg, fish meat, braised meat and anonymous crispy bits(tastes good but cannot figure out what it is). Chili was ordinary but the ingredients were reasonably good, at least it blended well with the bowl of the lor mee.

Soon Lee Lor Mee 3

Yellow noodles and mee hoon were submerged in a sweet gravy with the right viscosity that was rich and smooth, though the sweetness of the gravy can be cloying that for some.

Soon Lee Lor Mee 4

Our Verdict

Soon Lee Lor Mee is being voted one of the best lor mees in Singapore, if you are a fan of sweet lor mee, you will probably love this.

Soon Lee Lor Mee

A: Blk 79 Circuit Road, #01-07, Singapore 370079

H: 12pm to 9pm, Closed on Mon & Tues


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