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Soon Kee Long House (Boneless) Duck Rice – Even my two teens can’t resist! (順記(起骨)滷鴨飯・粥・鴨面)(TEMPORARILY CLOSED)

Soon Kee Long House (Boneless) Duck Rice – Even my two teens can’t resist! (順記(起骨)滷鴨飯・粥・鴨面) – (TEMPORARILY CLOSED – Still looking for new premises. Do watch out their FB on the new address and update. )

If you are a hawker food lover, LongHouse should not be an unfamiliar name to you. Long House was originally operating from a row of shops near the Jalan Besar stadium and was a popular eating place for many sport fans. 13 years ago the food centre moved to Upper Thomson after the stadium was renovated, and now, LongHouse has once again returned to its birth place after the existing landlord sold the piece of land to the developer.

However, not every stall returned: only five of the stalls moved back to Jalan Besar, while six of the stalls set up shop at Balestier Market along Balestier Road. And the rest? Decided to call it a day.

The food centre was famous for its prawn noodles, duck rice and goreng pisang. Unfortunately, we only got the chance to taste the famous Soon Kee duck rice and left the prawn noodles and goreng pisang out since the latter two weren’t at the same location.  Revisiting our favorite Soon Kee Lor Duck Rice at Jalan Besar after 13 years, has the taste changed over time?

Good food tends to create a deep impression on us, that is certainly the truth about Soon Kee Long House (Boneless) Duck Rice. We love the duck rice and and we’re equally heartened by the cheerfulness of the boss – his friendly and warm smile will surely brighten up your day, eating at Soon Kee Duck Rice has always been a pleasant experience.

soon kee braised duck 5

Our original plan was to order a serving for two mainly for my wife and I, as the two teens decided to reserve stomach capacity for later café hopping.

When the duck rice arrived, my wife and I decided to explore other stalls and asked our two teens go ahead to “sample” the duck rice. We went around the stalls and decided to order some drinks and the famous rojak as well. It didn’t take too long, but by the time we returned to the table, we were stunned by the half-eaten bowls of yam rice, while three quarters of the duck had disappeared along with a mouthful of the soup left. WHAT had happened?

“Daddy and Mummy, we decided not to go for café hopping today, we want to eat the duck rice here.” Said QiQi, my glutton daughter.

“Yes! Yes! Don’t need to go to the café, the duck rice is damn good.” Concurred her younger brother.

My two lovely teens prepared to trade off café hopping for duck rice?! How could something like this be possible? Didn’t check, but the sun must have risen from the West that day!

At this point, I knew things had to be serious. I headed straight to the duck rice stall and ordered another serving for two. What are the magic powers hidden in the duck rice that can sway both my kids’ decision so easily? Obviously, we got our answer.

The duck was fully de-boned which made it much easier to eat. Dark and thick luscious gravy was doused over the duck making the plate of duck meat very appealing. The duck meat was tender, moist and succulent; we had no difficulties chewing the meat at all. The braised meat has obviously absorbed the essence from the herbs and spices; it was a plate of heavenly duck that we had not experienced for a long time.

soon kee braised duck 2

Besides the beguiling duck meat, the yam rice was equally impressive; the rice was grainy and fragrant, obviously quality rice. Chilli sauce is equally appetizing, the mix of sweet and sour made the chilli sauce the best accompaniment to go with the duck meat.

soon kee braised duck 3

For a serving of two initially and then the two additional orders, we spent a total of about $26. This is a rare occasion that the whole family enjoyed the food and shared the same sentiment for Soon Kee Duck Rice.

soon kee braised duck 4

The rain stopped and we headed to the carpark straightaway and headed back home. For once, we skipped visiting a café in favor of hawker food without any persuasion and negotiation. Soon Kee Duck Rice obviously has a charm that even the teens find hard to resist.

soon kee braised duck 1


Soon Kee (Boneless) Lor Duck Rice(順記(起骨)滷鴨飯・粥・鴨面)

Temporarily ClosedThey are still looking for their new premises. Do watch out on their FB on the new address and update. Or call their HP : 90034615 (Mandarin) / 91386422 (English)

A: Jalan Besar Stadium, 100 Tyrwhitt Road, Singapore 207542

A: 411 Balestier Road,  Stall 14 Balestier Market, Singapore 329930

H: 11am to 9pm, Closed alternate Wednesdays



  1. Searching high and low for this stall and FINALLY you got the answer! Thanks so much, we will definitely drop by soon to verify the standard again.


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