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Soon Huat Pig Organ Soup 顺发猪杂汤

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Soon Huat Pig Organ Soup 顺发猪杂汤

We patronize Serangoon Garden Food Centre quite regularly, not just for the food – but also because it’s one of the cleaner, airier, brighter and not too congested food centres in Singapore. Whenever we’re there, Soon Huat Pig Organ Soup has never failed to catch our attention for its perpetual queue. On several occasions, we almost backed out of reviewing this stall, but the buzzing popularity of the business was too tempting for us to resist. So even though the Glutton family has a “Fear Factor” when it comes to eating viscera parts, we know the fear is driven more by a physiological influence than anything else – and we managed to convince ourselves that real foodies have got to be more adventurous! So we boldly went ahead to bring you this review.

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We ordered the standard pig organ soup with an additional pork knuckle, tau pok and eggs to supplement the main course, so that there would still be something to go along with the bowl of rice just in case we could not overcome the taste of the “dreadful” stuff. The soup came with the usual intestines, liver, stomach, pork slices, salted preserved vegetables etc in the broth; it was clear and a sip of it was surprisingly quite pleasant with a blend of sweetness and saltiness, creating a well-balanced flavourful broth that may partly explain the long queue in front of the stall. Plucking up our courage, we went on to experience the innards, and we found that there was little or no unpleasant taste from the viscera. The chili sauce was excellent as a dip and blended very well with the innards. The only drawbacks were the liver and pork slices, both were lacking in tenderness and were tough to chew on.

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The stewed pork knuckle was well seasoned and savory, cheap at $3 a bowl – but it was mostly fat and sorely lacking in lean meat. On the upside though, was the use of high grade fragrance Jasmine rice instead of the cheap, lower quality rice we often find in many other stalls. In fact, just dousing the black sauce over the bowl of rice already made for a delightful meal. The tau pok and the egg were nicely cooked as well, soft and flavourful.

soon huat pig organ soup 4 Overall, this pig organ soup was quite impressive and was able to moderate our “fear factor” significantly; in fact, we managed to finish everything in the soup with the help of the chili sauce, convincing us that the long queue was justifiable. Perhaps, we may even become one of the regulars joining the queue in the future; by then this “Fear factor” of ours might be a thing of the past! soon huat pig organ soup 3 soon huat pig organ soup 1 Soon Huat Pig Organ Soup Address : Serangoon Garden Market and Food Centre, 49A Serangoon Garden Way #01-42 Operating Hours : Tue – Sun: 09:30 – 16:00, Closed: Mon



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