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Soon Heng Food Delights

Soon Heng Food Delights 顺兴美食@ Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market

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Soon Heng Food Delights is seemed as one of the anchored stalls in this food centre selling the Lor mee. The continuous flow of patrons is a good testimony to their popularity and the media coverage is something we do not want to miss it.

Soon Heng Food Delights Lor mee comes in $4 / $5 and $6 serving.

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The toppings were generous, braised pork, braised egg, wu xiang, fried fish nuggets, fried dumpling, fried crispy dumping skin, fried…lots of fried stuff and some of the toppings just can’t really figure out the name although in general we like most of the toppings.

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Gravy? My son has the first mouthful of the gravy, no nodding from him and the frowsy look was an interpretation of disapproval of the lor mee. The disappointment was kind of infectious; we have to agree with him that the gravy was a tad of sweet but the light and gooey gravy was much lacking the character of a good lor mee, especially the flavour of the “Lor” was too mild and that can’t excite our tastebuds too much.

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Fortunately, we still can find the solace with the toppings which seem to be the real McCoy here; it was clearly outshine the gravy, not a surprise it is the main attraction of the returning customers. At least, my son agrees he did enjoy the toppings.

Soon Heng Food Delights 顺兴美食

Add: Blk 6, Tanjong Pagar Plaza Road, Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market & Food Centre, #02-19, Singapore 081006

Hrs: Mon – Fri  9am – 3pm, Sun 9am – 3pm, Closed on Saturday

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