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Song Zhou Luo Bo Gao fried carrot cake 松洲箩卜糕

Song Zhou Luo Bo Gao fried carrot cake 松洲箩卜糕

 Song Zhou fried carrot cake 3

Song Zhou fried carrot cake is one of the anchored stalls in this food centre, whipping out numerous plates of fried carrot cake in the last 30 over years. Many have been enjoying the succulent dishes churned out by the uncle all this year, what keeps the crowd for coming back? We shall find out.

We known Song Zhou is more popular with its black carrot cake and no reason not to try it out. The black carrot cake was quite heavy on the sweet sauce and may be a little of overpower in the sweetness, we are not so much fancy sweet stuff, may be toned down in the sweet sauce could be more appealing to us. However, while we prefer to reduce sweet sauce dosage, the uncle before us in the queue went for the opposite by requesting for extra sweet sauce, so, individual preference still prevail.

Song Zhou fried carrot cake 2

The carrot was smooth and soft, the added eggs and preserved radish or cai po blended well with the radish, the carrot cake has mild charred flavour that added a little more punch to the   dish.  The serving was generous; turnaround time was incredibly fast that you do not need to wait for long even with the long queue.

Overall, Song Zhou fried carrot cake was tasteful and the soft texture of the radish made the carrot cake kind of alluring to the taste buds. May not be the best fried carrot cake but 30 over years of experience in frying the fried carrot cake and the queue could be a good endorsement of their standard.

Song Zhou fried carrot cake 1

Song Zhou Luo Bo Gao fried carrot cake 松洲箩卜糕

Address: Block 207 New Upper Changi Road, Singapore 460207

Bedok Interchange Food Centre, #01-18

Telepone: 64446440

Operating Hours: Mon – Sat: 06:30 – 20:30 daily, closed on Sundays



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