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Soi Thai Soi Nice Review – Royal Thai Hotpot @Alexandra Central Mall

Soi Thai Soi Nice review – Royal Thai Hotpot @ Alexandra Central Mall

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Soi Thai Soi Nice brands itself with high quality Thai cuisine with value-for-money prices to differentiate themselves from many of the Thai restaurants around. Prepared by Head Chef Worawong Phairit (Olay) with years of professional Thai culinary experience, Soi Thai Soi Nice focuses on authentic Thai cuisine featuring signature Royal Thai Hot Pot.

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Soi Thai Soi Nice is located in the newly built Alexandra Central next to Ikea Alexandra.

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Royal Thai Hotpot – $38.80 (recommended for up to 2pax)

The Royal Thai Hotpot comes in regular pot ($38.80 recommended for 2pax) and bigger pot ($68.80 recommended for 4pax). Featuring a range of fresh seafood and meats like crayfish, tiger prawns, chicken sausage, green mussel, hard-boiled egg, enoki mushrooms, noodle and salivating roasted pork in the pot, kind of similar to the Korean army stew style hotpot. The soup base is a classic homemade Tom Yam broth with a choice of different spicy levels, from mild, spicy to super spicy.

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We opted for the medium spicy level. The Tom Yam broth has a well-balanced of sweet, sour and spicy taste that was robust and flavourful. The freshness of the ingredients made this a must-try dish here.

Hor Mok Ma Praw Talay (Coconut Seafood Otah) – $12.80

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A steamed egg and otah stir fried with seafood, served in coconut shell. It was a medley of coconut fragrance with fresh seafood to create a uniquely Thai cuisine, perfect dish to go with rice.

Kho Moo Yang (Grilled Pork Neck) – $9.80

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The neck or collar of the pig could be juicy and tender if cooked correctly. Soi Thai Soi Nice’s grilled pork neck was one of our favorites of the visit. When dipped into the sauce, they paired perfectly well.

Do take note Soi Thai Soi Nice does has a range of homemade sauces prepared with fresh ingredients and condiments imported from Thailand.

Kai Jiao Cha Om (Fried Omelette with Thai herb Cha Om) – $7.80

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Fried omelette is a dish we never fail to order when we visit any Thai restaurant. At Soi Thai Soi Nice, the fried omelette was given a nice twist with the Thai herb Cha Om – a pungent aroma veggie prevalent in Thailand.  The dish was not at all overwhelmed by the herb and we enjoyed every bite of the omelette.

Stir Fry Kai Lan with Pork (Ka Nar Moo Krob) – $8.80

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Love the additional roasted pork to the stir fried Kai Lan, which complemented the veggies well.

Claypot Vermicelli with prawns (Kung Oap Woon Sen) – $13.80

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The prawns might be slightly overcooked but the Vermicelli was succulent. Each strain of noodle soaked up the aromatic seasoning to produce a claypot Tang Hoon that was bursting with flavour.

Chuchee Pla Kra Pong (Curry Seabass Fillet) – $13.80

Soi Thai Soi Nice 7

Deep-fried seabass fillet doused with curry sauce, similar to the coconut seafood otah dish. The curry was not at all spicy and hence suitable for all ages.

Kao Niao Ma Muang (Mango Sticky Rice) – $5.80

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Hard to give this Thai dessert amiss, the perfect firmness and sweetness of the Thai rainbow mango went perfectly well with the perfect texture of the glutinous rice and coconut milk. A dessert that is highly commendable.

Red Ruby (Thub Tim Grob) – $4.80

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The red ruby was missing sweetness from the water chestnut and unfortunately that somehow spoiled the overall taste. What a pity! This was the only bad one of the day among all the food.

I-Team (Coconut Ice Cream) – $3.80

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Coconut ice cream dressed with brown sugar and corn flakes. The combination was surprisingly inspiring and we all loved it.

Our verdict on Soi Thai Soi Nice

Among many of the Thai restaurants we have visited, Soi Thai Soi Nice is honestly, definitely one of the best for its good quality food and reasonable prices. A meal at Soi Thai Soi Nice is bound to revive your taste buds with flavourful authentic Thai dishes and most of the diners who have visited the place will probably agree with us.

In fact, we came back the second time a week later to try other dishes. Isn’t that the best proof of our love for Soi Thai Soi Nice?


A: 321 Alexandra Road #02-01 Alexandra Central Mall Singapore 159971

T: +65 6250 4863

H: Weekdays 11.30am to 3.30pm, 6pm to 10pm / Weekends &PH 11.30am to 10pm



Note: Thanks Soi Thai Soi Nice for the invitation

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