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Siti Nur Liyana Nasi Lemak – Mee Rebus review

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Siti Nur Liyana Nasi Lemak – Mee Rebus review

 Siti Nur Liyana Mee Rebus 3

Adam Food Centre is famous for it Nasi Lemak and mutton soup, Siti Nur Liyana Nasi Lemak is one of the stalls selling Nasi Lemak but unfortunately not voted one of the best, even the name of the stall clearly highlight their specialty. The stall seems to be more popular with another dish – the mee rebus, and naturally we have the obligation to verify the claim.

Siti Nur Liyana Mee Rebus 2

For all the good mee rebus we have evaluated, Afadi Hawa from Haig Road Food Centre is still triumph in the race, and that is where we do the benchmarking.

Siti Nur Liyana mee rebus served with traditional yellow noodle, topped with green chili, boiled egg, bean sprout, dried beancurd (tao po), celery, calamansi and shallot. Good mee rebus relies heavily on the gravy and Siti Nur Liyana mee rebus was sweeter to the taste, we would prefer the gravy could be more balance between the sweetness and saltiness. Dried shrimp was missing; however, this little thing is an important ingredient in mee rebus to give the extra boost of the flavour to the gravy. Though the gravy may have the right texture, not too thick or starchy or too watery, however, the gravy seems unable to highlight the essence of the mashed sweet potato flavour as well as bold seafood taste.

Siti Nur Liyana Mee Rebus 4

Overall, Siti Nur Liyana mee rebus falls short to perk up the much needed flavour in the gravy, which is the soul of the dish.

Siti Nur Liyana Mee Rebus 1

Siti Nur Liyana Nasi Lemak

Address: Adam Road Food Centre, Stall 14, 2 Adam Road Singapore 289876

 Operating Hours: Not Available



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