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Sin Ming Roti Prata – Perhaps the Best Roti Prata in Singapore

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Sin Ming Roti Prata – Probably the Best Roti Prata in Singapore

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We’ve tried many of the “Famous” roti prata places around Singapore, from Jalan Kayu to Tampines, and a few others that used to be the talk of the town. However, with their slipping standards and quality, we are reluctant to even share our review here. It’ll be a pity to see these once-greats fall from glory. Hopefully they can still manage to turn things around in time! 

But one bright spot that has tenaciously held on in terms of quality is Sin Ming Roti Prata – and are we ever grateful for them!  

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We are partial to the regular prata and egg prata whenever we visit a prata place, even though a myriad of options are usually available, as we like to savor the taste of the prata unencumbered by any superfluous flavors. A truly good prata really doesn’t require any toppings, in our opinion! And indeed we are truly impressed by the flavourful and fantastic texture of the prata here, as the prata was fluffy, chewy and crispy on the outside – we often just went without dunking it into the curry. We love the fragrance of the buttery sweet taste from the dough and frankly, we jucan’t find any other roti prata that’s able to meet the standard of Sin Ming’s prata.

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A standard order of roti prata usually comes with fish or chicken curry, and here, the gravy is thick and savory, and there’s no other phrase to describe the curry other than “Damn Shiok”.  We ordered an extra serving of mutton curry so that we could savor it on its own. The mutton was tender and cooked to the perfection, and paired with the prata, truly made our weekend.

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The dough here is handmade – and it really shows. Factory-made dough, though time-efficient, really just cannot compare. We do hope more purveyors of prata will uphold their handmade traditions!

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We left the place with deep sighs of satisfaction, and want to share the word with everyone else who have not yet heard of their renown, and encourage everyone to go support the great work they’re doing! Let’s vote with our stomachs, and pray that they don’t take the route that many other once-greats seem to be going down on… Protect our precious prata places!

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Sin Ming Roti Prata – Perhaps the Best Roti Prata in Singapore

Address: #01-51, Jin Fa Kopitiam, 24 Sin Ming Road


Operating Hours: Daily: 6.00am – 7.00pm 

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iEat&Eat Team

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  • Avatar Di Cale says:

    I will be in Singapore in a few months. I WILL FIND YOU!

  • Avatar Peter says:

    After reading much good comments I tried it one Sun morning. Long queue. Good signs. But the prata and mutton curry were way, way, way below my humble standard. Will never go there again- even if it is for free.

  • Avatar Yong Law says:

    Should explore Master Prata is as good or even better.
    Block 109, #01-157, Bukit Purmei Road, 09010
    Master prata is managed by the son, whose father used to make pratas at the famous Jalan Kayu prata shop. He inherited the prata recipe from his father that uses Ikan Terbang Flour, the flour which is made by Prima Flour Mills specially for Roti Prata was used to make the roti prata dough and still persists in making his own dough in order to preserve his father’s recipe. Choose the kosong prata. The prata was shatteringly crisp and is wonderfully fragrant. You will crave for more of it.

  • Avatar TK says:

    The way you described the prate make no excuse for us not to explore your recommendation. Thanks.

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