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Simple Food vegetarian restaurant

Simple food vegetarian restaurant

The glutton family actually likes vegetarian food. Interestingly, this is the first review on vegetarian food after writing so many of the food reviews! Sometimes we got to do a bit more to help promoting a more healthy eating.

Simple food is one of the places we patronized frequently whenever when we are craving for vegetarian food. Simple food used to have a shop in Tampines but has since shifted to Bedok North, the new shop is less conducive and cozy compared to the one in Tampines. Though now upgraded to an air condition environment, we are very much missing the tranquil and relaxing feel of the old place… Sigh..

Simple food vegetarian

Simple food offers relatively wide varieties of international fusion vegetarian food to entice everyone, from Chinese, Japan, Thai to the Western and Italian cuisine; more than a hundred of them on the menu, the extensive array of Eastern to Western fare could be a daunting task for the chefs to upkeep the quality of the food consistently.

simple food

Some of the recommended dishes in Simple food include the pasta Aglio Olio, creamy mushroom soup and lasagna to the Asian favorite of fried black olive rice, baked rice, crispy fried mock chicken, thai style fried kway teow (pad thai) and the Japanese Udon etc.


simple food

The baked rice is our princess’ favorite, from a vegetarian dish, you will be surprised the cheesy baked rice with the mushroom can create such flavourful taste. The cheese was not too overwhelming and blended very well with the rice. This is one of the dishes that hardly go wrong.

simple food







Simple Food emphasizes no MSG and less oil as the selling point, good news for those who are health conscious. However, missing the MSG and the oil as the catalyst, it becomes a real test on the chef’s ability to bring up the taste and flavour in the food, and that will all hinge on the control of the fire, timing and the mastering of seasoning to create a culinary triumph. Dishes from Simple Food truly lives up to its name of simple, it is their belief that simplicity is the best way to retain the original flavour, and allow the patrons to appreciate the real taste of cooking without all the artificial food enhancers. At Simple Food, this is where you can find your love of simple and tasty food.

simple food




Simple Food could be a challenge to accept if you preferred strong tang food, on the contradictory, this is a place for those who adore a healthy eating.  By the way, we have to confess the crispy fried mock chicken was deep fried and not really healthy so to say, but this is the top favorite of our two glutton kids and we always have to succumb to their importunate demands for this dish. How good is this dish? Just look at our two kids battling for the food, you will know this is something you got to try, even my teenage daughter will fight hard with her chubby brother till the last piece, living up to her name as the glutton princess… Sigh…

Simple food vegetarian

Address: Block 537, Bedok North Street 3, #01-511, Singapore 460537 (Closed on 3 Apr 2014)

New Address: 50 kaki Bukit Place #01-02 S 415926 Jean Yip Building (Open 3rd Apr 2014)

Telephone: 64491437





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