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Siam Society @ Jalan Riang Singapore – Good Siam food

Siam Society @ Jalan Riang Singapore – Good Siam food

Jalan Riang – located just a couple of minutes’ drive from NEX Serangoon, it’s a little haven for a variety of cuisines, ranging from Australian, Italian to Thai. We would never turn down the chance to sample yet more Thai food – our favorite cuisine – so we really appreciated this invitation! Let’s see if Siam Society measures up to its competitors just around the corner!

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Entering the restaurant, you’ll get an immediate feel of how the food’s going to be like – with modern, sleek and all-black furniture, Siam Society’s no ordinary neighborhood joint. Naturally, the food dished out matches the aesthetic of the interior – a modern, yet still casual and accessible take on classic Thai.

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(Do note that we requested for smaller serving sizes for our food tasting session – so some of the photos below may not reflect the true portion sizes!)

Fried Chicken Skin ($6.90)

Fried till it’s extremely crispy; this snack is both sweet and salty. Sinful but totally worth it! Good on its own and good with the Thai chilli sauce provided. P.S it’s also a good beer snack.

siam society 5

Mango salad ($9.90)

Made from fresh and crunchy Thai green mangoes and roasted peanuts, there were also crispy baby shrimps added to the salad to give it that extra crunch and a savory punch to the salad. Not too sour, it was also lightly dressed and thus on the drier side.

siam society 6


Green Curry Chicken ($12.90)

Nothing too noteworthy about this curry as the taste is average – though the chicken chunks are huge and tender.

siam society 8

Deep Fried Pork Knuckles ($34.90)

What is the difference between the famous German pork knuckles and Thai pork knuckles? Both are deep fried, with a crisp skin and tender meat – and are just as tantalizing. But they differ when it comes to the rubs and seasoning. So how does the fried knuckles fare here? First of all, we have to say that the skin is fried to perfection as it was so crispy. The meat was also tender, good on its own but even better with the chilli provided. It was just a burst of flavour!

siam society 22


Yellow Curry Prawn ($17.90)

It’s sweet and eggy and very flavourful. The sauce was a cross between curry and the sauce from Singapore’s chilli crab! The King Prawns used were also huge and fresh. This was one dish we couldn’t get enough of, MUST TRY.

siam society 21

Prawn Cake Balls ($11.90)

Prawn cake presented in a different manner, not in the usual round, flat and thick shape but are in the form of deep fried balls instead, go with the plum sauce and It will be a big hit with the little kids,

siam society 10

Steam Seabass In Chilli Lime ($31.90)  

Seabass was sour and sweet, and definitely fresh and tender, with the sauce base tasting a little like Tom Yum soup. (slurps) We loved how the flesh of the fish melts in our mouths, creating a perfect harmony of flavours when eaten with the chilli lime sauce.

siam society 12

Thai Style Morning Glory ($8.90)  

Although simple, it had a distinct wok fragrance, giving this dish an extra depth of flavour.

siam society 11

Weeping Tiger (Grilled Sirlion Beef – $24.90) / Grilled Pork Neck ($14.90)

siam society 15

We weren’t a big fan of the grilled items as they ended up a bit too tough for our liking. (Guess this was more of a personal preference?) We believe that the true star of the grilled dishes were not the meat but the sauces that they provide with the meats; we just couldn’t get enough of those. Eating the meat alone could taste rather bland and it was the dip that spiced up everything. Obviously, the sauce came with the purpose.

siam society 14

Clear Tom Yum Seafood Soup (Small $10.90 / Large – $16.90)

The spiciness level was not killer or too mild, in other words: perfect! The soup was also fragrant with a generous portion of seafood in the soup. Prawns used were big king prawns which were fresh, unlike the little shrimp you usually find at many other Thai food outlets.

siam society 16

Thai Red Ruby ($4.90)  

The chestnut was crunchy, however, the size was not too consistent. We wished there was coconut ice cream in this!

siam society 18

Overall, we can see that Siam Society @ Jalan Riang definitely makes a concerted effort to ensure that there’s fresh and high quality ingredients in every one of the dishes. Not only were the mains on the whole good, the sauces that complemented the dishes were also stars in their own right. We highly recommend the Yellow Curry Prawn, Seabass, Tom Yum and Fried chicken skin – all absolute must tries!


If you’re looking for a more affordable option, the boss of Siam Society @ Jalan Riang also has another shop: Soi Thai, located at Tampines. You can read our review here.

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Siam Society @ Jalan Riang Singapore – Good Siam food

Add: 15 Jalan Riang, Singapore 358987

Tel: 6286 8603

Hrs: 11.30am – 3.00pm, 5.30pm – 10.30pm




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