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Food Review: Shukuu Izakaya Tanjong Pagar – Nice Hangout Spot

Shukuu Izakaya Tanjong Pagar Review


Izakayas (居酒屋) are casual places for after-work drinking, a popular hangout spot in Japan for friends or colleagues, it is a place similar to the prevalent Irish pubs whereby customers can order a variety of small snacks or dishes and share among your kakis. Shukuu Izakaya captures the essence of the traditional izakayas with its chic and relaxing environment. The wide range of authentic Japanese sake, small snacks and dishes provide the patrons with a different dining experience. The food portions may be small but the quality and the reasonable prices are all key attractions here.

Dining at Izakaya, the right pairing of sake could power up the flavour of the food, we managed to try two types of sake:

Sake #1: Azumanofumoto Ginjyo Natsuzake (Summer Sake special), from Yamagata Prefecture

Sake #2: Kikusui no Karakuchi Honjozo, from Niigata Prefecture

Gyu Ponzu – Lightly seared fillet beef with ponzu


Lightly Seared fillet Beef with ponzu is a popular Japanese dish, a starter of the night and a perfect divine snack to begin with.

Reba Shoyuzuke – Marinated chicken liver in soy sauce

Reba Shoyuzuke

More than a day’s work for the tiny bits of chicken liver and the end product is an impressive tender, potently rich snack dish.

Maguro Yukke – Yellowfin tuna sashimi with raw quail egg, tossed in sesame oil and layu dressing

Maguro Yukke

The sweet savoury appetizer was lip-smacking good, the tuna sashimi retained the sweetness bestowed upon it by the sea. We could sense the unyielding enthusiasm significant in every mouthful.

Buta Minced Katsu – Deep-fried homemade minced pork cutlet

Buta Minced Katsu

Deep-fried minced pork cutlet that embodied appealing qualities―crisp coatings, browned surfaces, and tender interiors. A sip of sake enlivened the taste of the cutlet a notch higher, Friends! Let’s bottom up!

3 pc Kaki No Sakamushi sake-cooked Oysters

Kaki No Sakamushi sake

Sakamushi means steam in sake, The adult thumb size oyster was steamed with sake, each of the oysters was infused with the sake aroma and the burst of the juices in the month, oh gosh….it was simply heavenly.

Aburi Shimesaba Torched vinegared mackerel

Aburi Shimesaba Torched vinegared mackerel

The torched vinegared mackerel was beautifully done. The fine meat and perennial flavour of a good mackerel all can be found here. Can we have one more?

Kurobuta Ribs – Iberico pork ribs in wafu-style marinate

Kurobuta Ribs

Usually fed with acorns from the oak, the Iberico Pork is one of the most coveted pork in the world. Chew into the juicy meat and raise the glass toast to your companions.

Kushiyaki (Charcoal-grilled skewers) – Chicken thigh, chicken meatball, chicken wing, bacon cherry tomato, Iberico Pork Collar, shiitake

Kushiyaki (Charcoal-grilled skewers)

Going to Izakaya and missing the Kushiyaki on the table is not forgivable, you need the sinfully grilled meat to adorn and appreciate true Japanese gastronomy.

Kushiyaki (Charcoal-grilled skewers)

Inaniwa Udon – Akita prefecture’s speciality thin udon

Inaniwa Udon

Deviating from the usual thick white wheat flour noodle, Shukuu Izakaya serves their udon using fine and thin noodles from the Akita prefecture that specialize in thin udon. The change is most welcome since none of us is a fan of thick udon noodle.

The noodle was topped with crispy flour crust and spring onion with a thick slab of white radish. A simple dish but it speaks volumes, the seasoning of the clear soup was marvellously good and has the perfect taste. Paired with the divinely inspired radish, a moreish bowl of udon to die for.

Fried Cheese cake

Fried Cheese cake

The crisp crunch is music to the ears, a small bite with a small sip of Kikusui no Karakuchi Honjozo from Niigata prefecture, isn’t life is so beautiful?

Our verdict: Shukuu Izakaya

A good dinner and a good sake may be described as perfect marriage. One might talk about the food as being sumptuous, bold in flavour and tantalizing, be lured and bewitched by Shukuu Izakaya for its seductive and glamorous charms. KanPai! Cheers!

Shukuu Izakaya

A: 8 Stanley Street Singapore 068727

H: 11.30am – 2pm, 5.30pm – 11pm, closed on Sunday

T: +65 6327 9240

W: https://www.facebook.com/ShukuuIzakaya/

Note: Thanks Shukuu Izakaya for the invite.


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