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Shang Kee Handmade Bao

Shang Kee Handmade Bao上记手工包点

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When come to good fluffy and juicy delectable Da Bao(大包) , local pau shops hardly can hold a candle to those across the crossway. It is only in recent years, a few of the pau stalls able to make a name and contend with the rivals from Johor Bahru.
Shang Kee Handmade Bao is located in a coffeeshop at Teck Whye estate; we were there in one of the Sunday’s morning just before 10am, the steamers already filled up with different assortments of dim sum and pau. Over at Shang Kee Handmade Bao, all the Baos are freshly made daily before 10am every morning.

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It was always amazing to see the uncles skillfully kneading the pau skin, wrapped it with the ingredients and transformed it into a snowy white juicy pau.

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This is the first time we are invited by Shang Kee Handmade Bao to review the range of their pastries. pau is always one of our favorite snacks and locally made good quality Bao is not at all too common.

Shang kee handmade bao 3

Da Bao $1.70 / Amy Yip Da Bao 叶子楣大包 $3.50

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We got a chance to try the Ye Zi Mei Bao or Amy Yip Bao, the name is conflated to the Hong Kong actress who is famous for her explosive bustline, the Amy Yip pau was huge and can be good for two person. The pau skin was more chewy and heavy than fluffy and soft, when cut the pau apart, the juices explosively oozing out and trickling down through the fingers and hands, if not heedful of dining etiquette, we could have put the big Pau at our mouth and sip up every drop of juices.

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The freshly steamed pau was extremely juicy and resemble an upscale version of Xiao Long Pau(小笼包). The pau’s skin has to be chewy and heavy for a reason, this is to contain the juices to prevent any seepage, too fluffy the skin could be a challenge to do the job and honestly, we actually love the chewiness of the pau skin a lot!

Shang kee handmade bao 7

The filling were generous, filled with chucks of chicken and pork meat, mushroom, hardboiled egg, sausage and celery, the filling received a big thumb up from all of us with its salivating and flavourful seasoning. Overall, this was a big pau with good substance.

Glutinous rice with char siew (Fan Chai) $2.00

Shang kee handmade bao 4

The glutinous rice with char siew was commendable, the glutinous rice was soft and sticky, char siew was well seasoned and robust in taste.

Lo Mai Kai – Glutinous rice with Chicken $2.00

Shang kee handmade bao 5

The sticky rice was well cooked, the soft texture with the nicely seasoned chicken made this dish a good impression on us.

Mini Char siew pau $0.90

Shang kee handmade bao 9

The filling was a tab of sweet and could have a little more charred flavour to add more zest to this pau.

Dim Sum $2.0

Shang kee handmade bao 11

Other Dim Sum like the Siew Mai, steamed chicken feet etc is acceptable but definitely room for improvement.

Shang kee handmade bao 12

Overall, we enjoyed the Da Bao the best, the juiciness from the freshly steamed pau and the fillings packed with all the goodness ingredients are tantalizing.

We are glad to find another local pau shop that able to challenge the famous pau from JB.

Shang Kee Handmade Bao

Add: Block 16, Teck Whye Lane, #01-101, Singapore 680016 Tiong Wah Restaurant (coffeeshop)

Hrs: Mon – Sun 7.30am – 10pm

Tel: 8513 6849 Mr. Ting

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