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Shan Dong Shao Bing 山东烧饼

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Shan Dong Shao Bing 山东烧饼

With the increasing population of Chinese immigrants and the workers in Singapore, more and more Chinese staple food stalls can be seen sprouting out around the isle, from the shop houses along the Geylang road to the Chinatown and many of our local food centre. Singaporean has clearly benefited from the huge variety of Chinese food brought in by our Chinese immigrants from different provinces. Besides satisfying the craving of the wanderers, the prevalence dishes from Shan Dong, Hunan, ZhangXi provinces opens up another horizon for the foodies to venture and definitely good news for the glutton family.

shandong da bao 1

Shan Dong Da Bao山东包饼

The bao was much bigger in size than our local da bao, ingredients was less complicated, mainly consist of minced meat and the seasoning. Taste wise not as flavourful and lacked of the richness when compared to local or Malaysian pork meat Da bao. However, this is exactly the where the original and authenticity of a Shan Dong Da bao, should it be the same flavour and taste the same as what we have here, that will lost its character.  The bao’s skin was chewier as well and quite pleasant to the bite.   

 shandong da bao 3

Shan Dong Shao Bing山东烧饼

A few traditional shao bing are available here, besides Pancake with spring onion, there is Pancake with leek and egg, biscuit with meat and vegetable (taken directly from the signboard, the biscuit actually refer to fried pancake stuffed with meat and vegetable.)

shandong da bao 4

shandong da bao 2

Among all, we preferred the Shan Dong pancake with Chinese chive and meshed eggs, at least the skin is thin and the filling was flavourful and tasty, the pancake was pan fried to achieve a nice exterior crust and retained the juiciness of the internal filling. Thump up!

shandong da bao 5

The pancake with spring onion and  “biscuit” with meat and vegetable were ordinary, nothing too exciting to look for.

 shandong da bao 6    

Overall, a good experience for us to have a taste of one of the popular street food from China Shan Dong province, it may not have the exact replica in the taste and flavour from it birth place, at least we now have another additional to our exotic range of food in Singapore.      


Shan Dong Shao Bing 山东

Address: Blk 204, Bedok North Street 1, Previously owned by NTUC Foodfare Coffeeshop (with a new owner now) Operating Hours: Daily from 11am to 9.30pm

iEat&Eat Team

iEat&Eat Team

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  • Avatar Chan sy says:

    This stall has moved to the Bedok MRT, near the exit where buses stop for the passengers to alight.
    However, i think they might have changed owner or cooks as the Pau there is no longer as tasty.
    Today I had one of the Beans and Meat Shao Bing. The filling tasted kinda tangy, seems like the fillings has turned
    bad but they are still selling those to their customers. BAD!

  • Avatar TK says:

    Thanks for the update. It is a shock they sell stale food and the disappointing quality. Should feedback to the owner for their own good and future.

  • Avatar Tan Ah Hock says:

    Standard is getting from bad to worse. If nothing is done, then can close shop. Go back Shandonh.

  • Avatar TK says:

    sad to hear that and agreed with you it seems to be the trend with the food standard dropping for many used to be good eateries, may be no proper training, cutting corner or cutting cost are the main problems.

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