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Food Review: Seoul Jjimdak – Run-of-the-mill tastes

Seoul Jjimdak 

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Jjimdak is a popular Korean braised chicken dish, originating from the city of Andong, Korea. Compared to other Korean restaurants with fried chicken, bbq etc, Seoul Jjimdak focuses on Jjimdak as their main attraction besides the army stew, attempting to challenge the norm.

Army Stew 33.9seoul jjimdak 4

The shallow pot was filled with baked beans, shabu shabu pork, veggies, luncheon meat, tofu, sausage, spring onions, leeks, instant noodles and ramyeon or rice cakes. Of course, you can top up with cheese or glass noodle and other toppings. The Kimchi paste decorates everything in the pot with a chilli red, making the pot of army stew look appetizing and appealing.

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The base Kimchi paste was quite tasty, as the spiciness and essence of kimchi can be fully appreciated in every spoonful of gravy. However, some of the ingredients did not meld well with the base gravy. The ramyeon was too rubbery and the luncheon meat and sausage could be of better quality.

Jjimdak 33.9

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The highly recommended Jjimdak dish was, unfortunately, a run of the mill dish in our opinion. The boneless chicken chunks were cooked with potatoes, carrots and glass noodles, the sauce was a tad of sweet and featureless. My daughter, JiaQi, commented that the Jjimdak is no different to any mixed vegetable stalls from the food centres or coffeeshop that sell the similar chicken potatoes dish. It could be seen as belittling the signature dish here but it is our frank opinion, seriously, Jjimdak has a lot to work on this dish.

Kimchi pancake 10.9

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Paper thin Kimchi pancake was mediocre with few stroke brushes of kimchi paste on the thin crust. We are not sure how well received the pancake is to the patrons besides the crispiness but in our opinion, there is really nothing to shout about.

Kimchi Cheese fries 6.9

seoul jjimdak 3

Thick potatoes fries topped with cheese, the Kimchi was practically nowhere to be found. Our expectation to experience something different from the Kimchi Cheese fries was dashed. Luckily, the fries were fragrant and that provided some solace to all the disappointment with other dishes.

Our verdict

Seoul Jjimdak may survive with the run of the mill dishes with their reasonable pricing, but if you have high expectations of the food, Seoul Jjimdak may not have the right substance and depth to meet your requirements.

Seoul Jjimdak

A: City Square Mall, #05-04, Singapore 208539

H: 11.30am to 10pm daily

T: +65 6634 2668


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