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Seng Lor Mee aka Cheng Mei Shi Hao Wei Dao @ Tanglin Halt Food Centre 成美食好味道

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If you ask us frankly about Seng Lor mee at Tanglin Halt Market and Food Centre, it is not so much about the succulent taste because you can find much tastier Lor mee at many other places. However, Seng Lor mee has its own charm of attracting the customers with their generous toppings and serving size, in fact this is their biggest selling point.

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We ordered a $3 serving and the bowl of the Lor mee almost filled to the brim with various toppings, besides a good big portion of noodle, the toppings include braised egg, fried wanton, fried fritters, shredded chicken, braised pork etc. However, the gravy was too diluted and watery, not as flavourful as what we expected. It gave you the feeling of pure starch and missing the right seasoning to add some vitality to the gravy.

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Overall, Seng Lor Mee is more an ordinary Lor mee come with generous ordinary toppings. If you are a big eater and looking for an economical meal, Seng Lor Mee should largely fulfill your requirement.

Seng Lor Mee aka Cheng Mei Shi Hao Wei Dao @ Tanglin Halt Food Centre
Add: Tanglin Halt Road Market and Food Centre, Block 48A Stall 14, Tanglin Halt Road, Singapore 148813
Hrs: 7am – 2pm, Closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays

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