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Seng Kee Fish Soup 成记鱼片汤

Seng Kee Fish Soup 成记鱼片汤

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Most of the fish soup uses Batang (Mackerel fish) or snakehead (Channidae) for the fish slice and both have their draw. Seng Kee uses the Batang for the fish slice. We ordered the fried fish Hong Kong mee since most of the patrons went for the dish. Deep fried eggs fritter was optional but we choose to add for review purpose.

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The fried fish was done in perfection and retained much of the fine texture, we can taste the freshness and sweetness burgeoned in every bite. However, the deep fried egg fritter was overcooked to the extent it appears charred and quite a disappointment, it could be done better we thought. The Hong Kong mee was chewy and not soggy to make up the shortfall of the fried egg fritter.

seng kee fish soup 4

The broth was well seasoned with a sweet savory taste and delicious, coupled with the green leafy vegetable, tomatoes and seaweed, the ensemble made the soupy base noodle a fulfilling meal for us.

Overall, Seng Kee Fish Soup was reasonably good in the taste; the long queue in front of the stall provides a clear mandate of their quality.    

 seng kee fish soup 1

Seng Kee Fish Soup

Address: Block 163, Bukit Merah Central, #02-56

Bukit Merah Central Food Centre




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