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Sean Kee Duck Rice

Sean Kee Duck Rice

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We are back to this Famous Geylang Braised Duck Rice – Sean Kee Duck Rice at the Corner of Lorong 35 Geylang & Geylang Road nested inside the Sin Huat Eating House. Our last visit was at least a decade ago and now back here to have a taste of the duck rice again.

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The coffeeshop house the other obnoxious Zi char stall famous for their exorbitant zi char price but relatively good crab bee Hoon. (How expensive it was? What do you think a pot of crab bee hoon for more than $100?)

Sean Kee Duck Rice serves the thick braised gravy type and we ordered a portion for two and that cost us $18.

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The mix platter come with braised duck meat, braised hard boil eggs, braised Tao Kwa, braised peanut, cucumber and beansprout. Thick and rich dark gravy was slathered over it and a taste of the thick gravy revealed a tad of sweetness with a mild taste of herbal flavour, in contrary to most of the duck rice stalls which have a more salty taste. May be we are more custom to the salty version and for this sweeter taste; the sweet taste from the gravy was somehow not too appealing to our taste buds.

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The duck were thinly sliced to present an impression of tenderness of the meat; however, the duck meat in reality was not as tender as it being perceived. The rest of the braised items were relatively well done, likewise for the dark sauce rice which was well cooked and the drizzle of the gravy added the extra zest.

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Overall, if you preferred gooey sweet braised gravy, Sean Kee Duck Rice could well be loved by you. However, for those more inclined toward the salty version of gravy, Sean Kee may not the top choice. Which is our preference? We personally prefer the duck rice from long house duck rice at Jalan Basar. What is your?

Sean Kee Duck Rice

Add: 659 Lorong 35 Geylang Road, Singapore 389589

Hrs: Daily from 11 am till 7 pm

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