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Seafood Park Tze Char 海鲜食霸

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Seafood Park Tze Char 鲜食霸

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Tze Char is one of the most difficult food to review, each Tze Char stall usually have one or two specialties that sell well and popular among the patrons. However, it is not easy to find one can churn out very good dishes for most of the dishes, when we happened to come across one with good quality food, it definitely deserves our attention.

Seafood Park Tze Char located in Tampines and was featured in the media eg. Sizzling Woks <煮炒来咯> and other accolades for the food served.

麦片排骨 (Cereal Pork ribs) – SGD 10

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We expect pork ribs should come with the ribs, but surprisingly, you can’t find a piece of bone in the meat at all. The meat was tendered and nicely coated with the cereal to provide crispiness on the crust. Mayonnaise with taste of lemon juice and orange juice to give a tinge of sourness was spread over the pork ribs, the cream acts as a balance to lighten the oiliness feeling of the deep fried meat and made the dish less cloying.



亚叁鱼(Assam Fish) SGD 20

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This is perhaps the real McCoy of the night, the assam fish head may be just half of the head but still consider sizable. The fish head was relatively fresh and the meat was tendered. The assam gravy was not diluted compared to many other assam fish served by other Tze Char stalls. We love the medley of sweet and sour flavour complete with a perfect level of spiciness that made the dish truly scrumptious., all the different flavours bundled together creating one of the best assam fish head we have tried so far.     


虾米四季(French bean with dried shrimp) SGD 10

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Instead of the traditional Sambal KangKong insisted by my chubby boy, we overruled him and insisted to try something different this round and decided to go for the French bean with dried shrimp. (We knew it is going to upset the boy but we decided this round to get him out of his comfort zone)

The French bean was fried to the right crunchiness, move away from the traditional frying with dried shrimp together, the stall opted to have the shredded shrimp deep fried separately to achieve the crispiness and doused over the vegetable. Something is unique and made the overall dish taste truly palatable. My picky boy has no complaint and in fact he ate the largest portion of this dish!


鐵板豆(Hot plate Dou Fu / Sizzling Dou Fu) SGD 8

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The Hot plate Dou Fu served here was more superior to many other Tze Char stalls. The medley of sweetness and the mild spiciness gravy doused over the sizzling plate was alluring.      


海鲜煎蛋(Seafood Omelette) SGD 6

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For just a mere $6 dollars, the portion of the omelette was sizable and tasty; kids will definitely yeaning for more, this was evident with my chubby boy gorged three quarter of the omelette.


Overall, Seafood Park is one of the good Tze Char stalls not only provide good quality dishes come with uniqueness but with very reasonable price as well. The do have several branches all over Singapore but so far we have only validated the one at Tampines.

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Seafood Park Tze Char 海鲜食

Block 832A, Tampines Street 81, #01-02      Tel: 6260 0548

Block 107, Clementi Street 12 #01-K1           Tel: 6775 7549

143, Victoria Street                                         Tel: 6837 2997

Block 7, #01-2651, Eunos Crescent               Tel: 6745 3746

Block 446, #01-128 Pasir Ris Dr 6                 Tel: 6585 6263

Block 805, Hougang Central #01-116            Tel: 6385 0401

21, Hougang Street 51, #01-48



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