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Sawadee Thai Cuisine @ Tan Quee Lan Street

sawadee thai cuisine

When we are invited by Sawadee Thai Cuisine Restaurant to review their Mother’s Set Menu, there wasn’t too much of the expectation thinking it is going to be another typical Thai restaurant around the corner. Sometimes no expectations could in return brings the surprises and  Sawadee Thai Cuisine Restaurant delivered the surprises.

Thai Mango Salad

sawadee thai cuisine thai mango salad

Fresh shredded green mango mixed with chili, onion and deep fried crispy shrimps, a refreshing starter perfectly for the meal.

Thai Stuffed Chicken Wings

sawadee thai cuisine thai stuffed chicken wings

A classic Thai dish, the deboned chicken wings are stuffed with a mixture of chicken meat, long bean and straw mushroom, the wings are then fried and served with the Thai chili sauce. Our past experience with this dish have not been impressive and Sawadee Thai makes the exception.

Thai Coconut Soup

sawadee thai cuisine thai coconut soup

You may be too familiar with the clear and milky Thai Tom Yum soup, have you tasted Tom Yum in coconut milk? If not, this is a place you can experience the difference. Served in a claypot, this iconic soup infused a mild and tamer twist with lashings of coconut soften its spicy, tenderly chicken cubes married with the lemon grass and blue ginger well, the soup was inundated with piquant flavour and releasing a rounded taste that not easily forgotten.

Three Flavoured Sea Bass

sawadee thai cuisine three flavoured sea bass

Deep fried sea bass doused with the sweet, sour and spicy three flavour chili sauce. For chili lovers, the sauce could well be too tamed for some but perfectly on the right note to others.

Superior Seafood Fried Rice

sawadee thai cuisine superior seafood fried rice

Crab meat, prawns, eggs and topped with fried shredded scallops, it is the simplicity that speaks volumes, the wok hei may not too distinct but the quintessential aroma was both compelling and relishing.

Mango Sticky Rice Dessert

sawadee thai cuisine mango sticky rice dessert

Who say Bangkok has the best Mango sticky rice? Sawadee is well positioned to challenge the counterparts back in Bangkok for this popular Thai desserts.  The almost perfect sticky rice paired impeccably well with the sweet, juicy and perfect texture of the mango, adding some rich coconut milk and will make you dream about it all the time.

Seasonal Vegetables With Scallops

sawadee thai cuisine seasonal vegetables with scallops

The kailan was heavily touched with the piquant sauce, that embellished a bold flavor into the dish and the fresh scallops helped to enliven the overall taste.

Bird’s Nest Dessert

sawadee thai cuisine bird's nest dessert

It is a creation only for the Mothers in conjunction with the Mother’s day celebration. Quality red dates, dried longan and a spoonful of glistening bird’s nest made up a nice sweet concoction.

Sawadee Thai Cuisine Restaurant Verdict :

The profusion of exotic Thai flavours from the dishes and emphasis on the aroma make it one of the coveted Thai restaurants around. All mothers deserve the best on Mother’s Day and Sawadee Thai Cuisine is definitely one of the right choices for this special occasion.

Sawadee Thai Cuisine Restaurant Details :

Address: 9 Tan Quee Lan Street #01-01, Singapore 188098
Phone: +65 62386833
Operating Hours: Daily Lunch: 11am to 2.30pm, Dinner: 6pm to 10.30pm


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