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Savis Pasta & Western – Design Your Pasta

Savis Pasta & Western Review 


Savis Pasta was operating from the Kopitiam Square at Sengkang before moving to current CBD area which targets the working class. Operating from a coffee shop, the stall continues their speciality in pasta with other Western food, some twist of Asian fusion is incorporated into the dishes to create more varieties for the diners.


Menu is unique which allows you to mix and match your pasta. You can choose from the in house variety of pasta base, type of pasta and to match a list of toppings, The permutations are so extensive that you probably can eat a new dish of pasta every day for years without repeating.


In other words, for creamy lovers, you are no longer bound by the old and boring carbonara dish of honey ham and bacon,. For Seafood lovers, you need not stick with the traditional tomato Boston seafood marinara. Choose from the Mix it up menu; you will be able to find one combination that will likely please your fastidious tastebuds.

Creamy Carbonana Spaghetti with Honey Ham & Grilled Chicken 8.9


My son is a diehard fan of Carbonara Spaghetti and naturally his choice of the day. The soul of a good Aglio Olio Carbonara Spaghetti lies with the flavour of the creamy and cheesy sauce in order to complement well with the al dente pasta. We wished the pasta to be more aromatic to elevate the overall flavour, otherwise, there is no qualms about the acceptable taste of the dish. Chicken was well seasoned, grilled with tender texture.

Creamy Tom Yum Pasta Smoked Duck 9.9


This Asian fusion pasta is one of the top favorites here, the pasta was served in a spicy and sourish soupy Tom Yam sauce topped with smoked duck. The essence of the Tom Yum could be felt in every mouthful with its rich and packed alluring Thai fragrance. Bored of the traditional pasta? This sweltering heat of Tom Yum emanating from the spaghetti will be a good alternative to allow you to appreciate the pasta in a fresh manner.

Cajun Chicken Chop Set 7.9


The Cajun chicken chop was definitely distinct with the Cajun aroma, chicken was tender and well grilled to retain the juiciness. Overall it tasted decent for this comfort dish.

Our verdict 

Savis Pasta offers Western Asian fusion food with its unique mix and match menu which could appeal to some people. We can’t possibly try all but Tom Yam is unquestionably our favourite flavour.

Thanks Savis Pasta & Western for the invite

Savis Pasta & Western

A: 15 Phillip Street Singapore 048694 H: Mon to Fri: 7am – 7pm | Sat: 7am – 3pm | Sun and PHs: Closed |

T: +65 8111 2065




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