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Sarawak Sibu Kampua Mee Review 砂拉越诗巫干盘面 – (CLOSED)

REVIEW: Sarawak Sibu Kampua Mee 砂拉越诗巫干盘面 [CLOSED]

Sarawak Sibu Kampua Mee 1

Singaporeans are probably quite familiar with Sarawak Kolo mee but how about Sarawak Kampua mee? First time hearing about it? Not a surprise with its absence from our food scene.

So, what are the differences? From our research, Kolo mee is more a Kuching speciality and Kampua mee is traditionally a Sibu dish. Both are Sarawak origin with links to the Fuzhou delicacy.

Traditional Kolo mee is usually served “white” but Kampua mee comes either “white” or “black” with additional black sweet soy sauce for the colour and taste.

Sarawak Sibu Kampua Mee 6

Probably the only one in Singapore, Sarawak Sibu Kampua Mee is a stall specialised in Sibu Kampua mee operating from a coffeeshop along McPherson road. The Chef is from Sarawak to ensure the authenticity of the dishes and we are glad to have the opportunity to experience this Sibu staple food here.

Original Kampua Mee ($4)

Sarawak Sibu Kampua Mee 3
The noodle was thicker than the traditional mee kia but thinner than the mee pok. Lots of fried shallots were used with other condiments to create the base sauce. The texture of the mee was smooth and springy, the noodle was topped with char siew and veggie similar to our wanton mee here.

Taste of the Kampua mee was a clear reflection of the typical Sibu Kampua mee which was simple and light that blend well with the delectable char siew.

Original Kampua Mee (Chili) ($4)

Sarawak Sibu Kampua Mee 8
You can request the chili version to perk up the flavour, however, the chilli tasted just like its raw form – purely chili taste, in our opinion, perhaps some enhancements to the chili sauce could elevate the overall flavour.

Sweet sauce Kampua Mee ($4)

Sarawak Sibu Kampua Mee 5
One of the popular versions of Kampua mee in its home town back in Sibu. The same noodle was tossed in fried shallot oil and sweet sauce, a good combination that was pleasant with the tad of sweetness in each strain of noodle.

Tomatoes Kampua Mee ($4)

Sarawak Sibu Kampua Mee 4
The simplicity of Kampua mee was evident with every dish we tried, likewise the tomatoes Kampua mee, simply adding the tomato sauce to the noodle with copious amounts of fried shallot and seasoning transforms it into an ubiquitous dish commonly eaten by the residents of Sibu.

Wanton ($4)

Sarawak Sibu Kampua Mee wanton
Besides the Kampua mee, wanton is another speciality here. Although they do sell wanton in soup which is common in Singapore, we opted for the rare version of sweet sauce wanton that is unique here. The wanton was mainly minced pork but was well seasoned to heighten the flavour, the wanton was then tossed in the sweet sauce. It was an interesting dish that worth to experience.

Our verdict

We have never been to Sibu in Sarawak and cannot validate the authenticity of the Kampua mee, however, the unique taste and seasoning of the noodles clearly manifest a culinary culture that is imbued with the traditional flavour. If you have tasted the Sarawak Kolo mee before, perhaps it is now for you to experience the difference – the Sarawak Sibu Kampua mee.

Sarawak Sibu Kampua Mee

A: 458 Macpherson road. Singapore 368176

H: Mon – Sat 9.30am to 3pm, Closed on Sundays

T: 8332 3598


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