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[CLOSED] San Bistro @ Bedok Eastwood Centre – Fine dining in causal dress code

San Bistro adopts a European fine-dining setting with elegant French and Italian cuisine on the menu, the environment showcases a high-end dining ambience. One may find confusing aspects to the posh theme, to address one of it, the dress code. The restaurant does not require customers to dress formally, so visit in Bermuda? Shorts? Sandals? T-shirt? Don’t worry, all are welcome here, do we bother? Honestly, we don’t really care, good food comes first.

The culinary skills from the chef is evident from the aesthetically-pleasing plating and the quality food served. The chef used to work in a top-notch restaurant at Marina Bay Sands, and we are glad he brought fine-dining a step closer to the heartlanders into this casual place.

Chestnut Veloute $8


Charred King Oyster Mushroom, Chestnut Truffle Cream & Toast

The flavour was not memorable enough, we were hardly impressed.

Hen Egg Confit $8


Egg confit, mixed forest mushrooms, truffle pomme puree, pumpkin cylinder & dashi

We were delighted to discover how tantalising the dish was. The egg confit blended perfectly with the truffle pomme puree and the mushroom. A starter highly recommended here.

Traditional Greek Salad $9


Cucumber pappardelle, feta cheese, olive soil, cherry tomatoes & fructus

Freshness was everything for this good traditional greek salad, enhanced with feta cheese and oliver soil, healthy starter to start the meal.

Soft Shell Crab $16

Deep fried soft shell crab, mango salsa, salted egg dip, oatmeal & pickled kohlrabi

Portion of soft shell crab may be small but we have to agree the battered crab was extremely appetizing. The mildly-flavoured salted egg dip provided an extra kick, mango salsa and pickled salad as the side worked well.

Lychee & Honey $9

Lychee foam, salted milk sorbet, honeycomb & hibiscus jelly

Not the usual monotonous sweet dessert, the chef has added the savoury taste from the salted milk sorbet to savour the different flavours. Hibiscus jelly added another dimension to the flavour, making it a dessert loved by all of us.

Banana Cheese Cake $10

 Banana cheesecake, caramelised banana, banana sago tuile & earl grey ice cream

Banana cheese cake was moist, fragrant and fine, and complemented the beautifully-caramelised banana, balanced by the earl grey ice cream. Worth a try.

Stealth Cut Fries $5

The thinly-coated batter fries was crispy and full of fragrance from the quality potatoes. So addictive that one serving is hardly enough.

Duck Leg Confit $16

Confit duck leg, risoni pasta, braised red wine shallot & carrot butter emulsion

The duck confit was perfectly done with the crisp skin and tender moist meat, risoni pasta was nicely infused with the right level of butter and everything worked wonders in the bowl.

Prawn Linguine $16

Tiger prawn, lobster infused aglio olio style, sundried tomato, extra virgin olive oil

The linguine was al dente with a flavourful touch, tiger prawns may be small and a little overcooked but it has not compromised too much the overall standard. A truly delectable dish.

Spaghettini $19


Mentaiko infused spaghettini, crab tartar, shoyu, tempura crips

Different from the usual spice-infused dishes, this classic Italian flavour was given the extra punch with Asian flavour, by adding Japanese Mentaiko and  tempura crisps with shoyu to complete this lip-smacking dish.

Our verdicts

San Bistro undoubtedly has the capability to deliver fine cuisine. This is the place you can enjoy good quality food without paying the exorbitant price compared to the downtown posh and chic fine dining places. And…you can dine with ease in your most comfortable outing dress.

GST: Yes

Service charge: Yes

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