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Water café

Theme: Reminisce the good old days – Oriental buffet

Food Review:

1. Local Singapore delicacies

–       Sweet and sour pork

–       Sambal prawn

–       Fried kway Teow

–       Black pepper beef

–       Vegetables

–       Roast meat / Char Siew / Roast Chicken

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Most of the local dishes were delicious and flavourful, must try the sweet and sour pork, sambal prawn, satay (but not the sauce) and black pepper beef. The laksa was acceptable but the lor mee was simply too rich and salty with the gravy.

2. Japanese / Indian / Western

Not the main focus and specialty of the restaurant, limited choice of Sushi and nothing too exciting, Indian curry was too heavy on salt.

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salt water 4


3. Desserts

Small selection of cakes and local kueh, the oreo cheese was acceptable and the rest were of an average standard.

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4. Price

The price is reasonable of about $35 to $45 for adult and $20 for kids.

5. Ambient

Far from the city in the rural area at Changi village, peaceful and not too crowded, good place for family dining.

Overall, Salt water has good local delicacies and reasonable price, ideal place for family dining, friend gathering and company lunch / dinner.


Salt Water cafe

Address: Village Hotel Changi

1 Netheravon Road Singapore 508502

Telephone:  6379 7111

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