Sakon Thai Authentic Cuisine

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Sakon Thai Authentic Cuisine

Located in a secluded corner of Macpherson, the Thai restaurant serves authentic Thai cuisine in the non air-condition shop. We went there for the second visit after three months of our first visit, we ordered the popular Pandan Chicken, pineapple rice, two types of Kang Kong – Sambal and garlic, minced pork egg omelette, Tom Yum soup, BBQ fish, Basil leaf with minced pork, Glutinous rice topped with Mango, mango salad, red ruby.

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You can smell the pandan aroma when the dish was served; the Chicken meat was wrapped in the pandan leaf and grilled to a nice finishing with the well marinated and tender chicken meat. Thumbs up!

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The thai pineapple rice was not too bad with the rice coated with the taste of the pineapple, looking around, you will probably agree with us that most of the thai pineapple rice out there are simply making it looked yellow but can’t tell any different between the plain rice or pineapple rice.

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The Kang Kong with garlic taste better than the sambal Kang Kong, the garlic Kang Kong able to retain the natural greenery and not over-cooked or too raw. However, Sambal Kang Kong was just too salty and it killed and masked the sweetness of the vegetable.

The Tom Yum soup was spicy and taste average, we ordered the clear version, the ingredients appeared to be overwhelming and made the overall presentation of the soup messy.

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The minced pork with basil leaf was average, we found the flavour from the basil leaf seems to be too strong. However, for those like the aroma of basil leaf, you will find the dish pretty nice.

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The Thai Glutinous Rice topped with the Mango version was nice and delicious, the rice was taste real good even just on its own, with the coconut milk and sweet mango to go with it, it made a nice dessert to complement the dinner.

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Sakon Thai offers a wide variation of Thai food with reasonable price,  the food is average in standard and if you are not too picky on superior quality, you can consider this place.

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Sakon Thai Authentic Cuisine

Address: 77 Jalan Wangi Singapore 340388

Telephone:  6284 0630

Address: 152 Serangoon North Avenue 1 , Hdb-Serangoon North Est #01-304,  Singapore 550152

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