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Sakae Sushi – infused by flavours around the world

Sakae Sushi – infused by flavours around the world

The introduction of a new menu at Sakae Sushi featuring unique flavours that marry Japanese classics with Peranakan, Korean, French and Chinese cuisine sure piqued our interest. My family are huge fans of sushi and we couldn’t give this food tasting session a miss!

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We were kind of excited with the new menu featuring 120 new selections. Of course, while we couldn’t possibly sample all 120 in one seating, we were given a wide enough spread that showcased the variety and quality of the new menu,

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One of the dishes that we found most impressive:

Premium Makimono – Fruity Tutti Maki ($11.99)

A maki that didn’t contain any sashimi, but featuring a variety of fresh fruits instead. It combined mangoes and strawberries with a creamy avocado wrapped around.

sakae sushi 9

Gobo No Kari Age ($6.39)

Deep fried Burdock Root strips for a nice crisp, not everyone fell for it, as the two young bloggers sitting next to us found it a little too bland but my wife and I have a different opinion; we like it for it natural sweetness and the crisp coating.

sakae sushi 10

Aburi Foie Gras Sushi ($3.80/pc)

Foie gras is the liver of a duck or goose that has been specially fattened. Foie gras is a popular and well-known delicacy in French cuisine and to find it in a Japanese sushi restaurant is something of a rarity.

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However, this is one of my favorites and I always look forward to this delicacy. The young man who sat next to me is another fan of this dish, he even swallowed 40 foie gras in one go! Incredible! The Foie Gras sushi was luscious, decadent from its rich, delicate and buttery texture, just lovely.

Sakae Mentai Combo ($9.99)

A combination of Hokkaido Scallop, Swordfish, Salmon and Smoked Duck, topped with mayonnaise and creamy cod fish roe that will leave you wanting for more.


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Otah recreation

Sakae sushi is taking a bold step trying to challenge tradition. We know well otah is a South East Asian creation – with Sakae incorporating it into their dishes, we had our misgivings, but we were pleasantly proven wrong!

Long bean Otah ($4.99)

Mackerel Otah wrapped in long green beans is fried in a light tempura batter with a nice crisp on the outside, bursting with flavour in each bite.

sakae sushi 7

Salmon Gindara ($13.99)

Combining the grilled cod fish over the salmon, you can have the best of both worlds, succulent and savoury.

sakae sushi 11

Trio Carpaccio ($13.99)

Hotate (Scallop), Maguro (Tuna) and Shake (Salmon), each dressed in a light homemade tangy sauce, a light and refreshing sashimi.

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Sakae Zensai ($7.99)

A trio of cold appetizers consists of Salmon tataki, slightly seared all around. Smoked duck wrapped in Japanese cucumber and spinach that is lightly tossed in a light yuzu dressing. A delectable appetizer dish.

sakae sushi 3

Some of the new items may need some tweaking:

Agemono (Fried items)

Mixed Fry Katsu ($13.99)

Assortment of different varieties of Katsu, Hotate (Scallops), Ebi (Prawns), Chicken Katsu, Kaki (Oyster) and Pumpkin Koroke. Crispy and flaky exterior.

Yakimono Varieties (Char-grilled skewers)

Yakimono Deluxe ($36.99)

Char grilled king prawn, Duo Sakana (Char-grilled salmon and swordfish skewers) Ni Hotate Teriyaki (Char-grilled scallops with teriyaki glaze), mushroom, long bean wrapped. King prawn was big and juicy, however, the salmon and swordfish could look more appetizing and taste better if grilled to give a slight char.

sakae sushi 15

Asari Sakamushi ($13.99)

Clam with rice wine, the dish was a disappointment; the clam was not properly cleaned and you can feel the grit in most of the shells, the presence of rice wine was not distinct and you could hardly taste it.

sakae sushi 5

Milkshake Floats

Banana Caramel Milk ($5.99) & Kyoto Geisha ($5.99)

The Kyoto Geisha (strawberry milkshake) was on the sweet side but the banana caramelized milkshake was more tolerable.

sakae sushi 12


Sakae Fondue (Small $19.99) (Regular $38.99) (Large $57.99)

Assortments of cookies, ice-cream, marshmallow and fresh fruits, that came with chocolate fondue, a dessert certainly welcomed by the younger ones.

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Overall, the new menu introduced gives customers more choices and is pretty innovative to boot. Sakae Sushi is taking a big leap in unleashing and challenging the traditional sushi culture by bringing other food cultures and varieties into its interpretation of Japanese fusion. Definitely not a risk-free move, but the ultimate proof will be in how the market responds!

Sakae Sushi

Add: Orchard Gateway Somerset MRT 218 Orchard Road, #04-09/10 Orchard Gateway, Singapore 238851

Tel: (+65) 67026096

Hrs: 11.30am to 10.00 pm daily

Refer Sakae Sushi website for other outlets





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