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Ruyi Yuan Vegetarian

Ruyi Yuan Vegetarian Review

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The prevalent of vegetarian food is gaining the momentum here but not to the extent of magnetizing perpetual queue. So to see a snaking queue not once but twice (ok..three times) of our visits in front of Ruyi Yuan vegetarian kind of tickling our curiosity wanting to find out what the fuss about this stall.

Ruyi Yuan vegetarian do not have wide array of choices but focus on few dishes for example mee hoon, hor fun, yellow mee and selection of toppings like mocked meat, fried beancurd skin etc.

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We ordered the white bee hoon with standard toppings but add on the fried beancurd skin for $4.

We didn’t request the dousing of braised gravy over the bee hoon so to allow us better appreciate the original taste of the white bee hoon. The bee hoon was nicely fried to attain a good texture, not too soggy or dry. However, the flavour could be enhanced further if some sesame oil can be added akin to the rendition of the popular vegetarian bee hoon stall from Fengshan food centre at Bedok North.

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The highlights of Ruyi Yuan vegetarian are actually laid with the toppings, the sheer varieties of mocked meat, eg. Innards, chicken, duck, goose, pig ear, char siew and the fried bean curd skin were somehow beautifully done and just tasted great! Though we can’t really figure out the different types of mocked meat, the bottomline is that whatever in the plate was just salivating and succulent.

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Ruyi Yuan Vegetarian Our verdict:

Ruyi Yuan vegetarian will score a distinction if the white been hoon can be little more flavourful in our opinion. Park the slight imperfection asides, Ruyi Yuen vegetarian no doubt is definitely one of the best amongst many of the vegetarian stalls we have patronised so far. How good is it? When we finished the meal, the queue had stretched to outside of the coffeeshop, isn’t that the best testimony of its worth?

Ruyi Yuan Vegetarian

Address: Jia Fu Fang coffee shop Blk 80 Redhill Lane, 80 Eating House (#01-350), Singapore 150080

Telephone: 97124621

Hours: Daily 5.30am-1.30pm.  Closed on Mondays


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