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Royal Rojak Review @ JEM Jurong East – 99.9% local and 0.1% what?

Human nature likes to follow the crowd and wherever there is a queue, it draws the attention and curiosity somehow makes ones to join in the wait. Royal Rojak has a tagline “99.9% Local” written on their signboard, a message of authenticity or originality that Royal Rojak wanted to convey over to the patrons?

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This is an air conditioning food court in a famous shopping mall and selling only rojak could be a challenge to keep the business afloat if there is no substance goes into this seemingly simple local staple food.

We ordered the upsize $5.80 servings, standard is $3.50 and you have the options to pay for the extra ingredients eg. Century eggs and cuttlefish etc.

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We were curious to find out how “99.9% local” defined, Rojak has many variations and the most local and traditional Rojak always come with a mixture of tropical fruits and vegetables with shrimp paste originated from the Malay or Indonesian, the Chinese subsequently added the grilled you Tiao, Tao pok, cuttlefish and the century eggs to give the dish with more zest and taste, making a supposing simple Rojak to become a really complicated one.

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Royal Rojak comes with the typical sliced Apple, pineapple, turnips, preserved cuttlefish, ginger buds, grilled you Tiao and of course, the soul of the Rojak, the shrimp paste and the seasoning,

The ingredients went into the plate of Rojak were commendable, fruits were fresh and you Tiao nicely grilled. What is missing or lacking was the fragrance from the shrimp paste, the belacan was too mild to excite our tastebuds and short of the good Rojak’s characteristic.

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Royal Rojak may be has his way of defining the 99.9% local, we too acknowledged it has the undeniably local tradition of the exotic Rojak, however, it too somehow lacking the profusion of an exotic flavour, may be that is the missing 0.1% we are looking for.


Royal Rojak @ JEM Jurong East – 99% local and 1% what?

Jem, Jurong East, CookHouse by Koufu Level 5
50 Jurong Gateway Road, Singapore 608549
Hrs: 10am – 10pm
Tel: +65 96858342

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