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Rouse Cafe @ Dunlop Street

Rouse Cafe @ Dunlop Street

(We were wondering where to go for our dinner and for no obvious reason, Jia Qi popped out the idea of Rouse Cafe. “Any objection?” Our princess asked. Silence means consent (actually no one dare to say no, princess leh). That was how we landed at Rouse cafe at Dunlop Street.) – A note from  the Dad – TK

Rouse 10

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We are amazed by the design of the cafe, what decoration allow you the minimum investment and yet inject the innovative element factor, well, how about keep changes to the bare minimum and just add on the carpentry work?

Rouse 1

The rundown front door seems to be the left over from the former occupier of a Chinese electrical shop, Rouse exudes the rustic feel everywhere, from the discarded wooden boxes transformed into a stool and assorted old school metal chairs, peeled off paint from the wall was intentionally left intact to portrait the dilapidated and rundown state of the café to inject another kind of dining environment, at least away from the usual orderly manner and hipster feel.

Rouse 2

To our Muslim friends, this establishment is Muslim owned and all products used are Halal certified.

Unlike most other cafés that serves typical breakfast foods, what caught our eye at Rouse were its unique offerings. They ranged from sweet potato fries, orange glazed chicken wings, to spicy Asian crab penne and last but not the least, a curry softshell crab burger, all of which we knew we had to try!

Iced Chocolate ($5.50)

Rouse 3

Not too sweet, not too fancy.

Beef Bacon Aglio Olio ($10.90)

Rouse 4

Aglio Olio with cooked with strips of crispy bacon, cherry tomatoes and linguine. Overall the dish was a little on the bland side, linguine used was under cooked.

Spicy Asian Crab Penne ($16.90)

Rouse 5

Nothing like we’ve ever tried before, this was one intriguing dish that you either love or dislike. For my parents and I, this dish hit all the right spots, while my brother shunned it. There were plentiful amounts of crab meat in the pasta which was a huge plus. Something like a fusion dish, it’s sweet and savoury with herbs like curry leaves and lemongrass to give it the Asian flavour.

Krusty Kari Burger ($15.90)

Rouse 9

Who doesn’t love soft shell crab?? Especially when the crispy soft shell crab patty is sandwiched between two toasted butter buns! The tangy sweet and spicy curry sauce was a good surprise that gelled the entire dish together, and it went exceptionally well with the sweet potato fries served on the side.

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Orange Glazed Chicken Wings ($12.90)

Rouse 11

Crispy and Orange glazed, the crust of the chicken was tasty, and the chicken meat was juicy. However, the sweetness from the Citrus was somehow irreconcilable with the saltiness from the wings. May be Rouse tries to differentiate the chicken wings from others but it just tasted weird!

Gula Melaka Cake ($9.50)

Rouse 8

Dense textured cake with shredded coconuts in it so it’s fragrant, right level of sweetness but we got a little cloying after few bites, too much of food perhaps.

Overall, we recommend that you drop by Rouse to try its unique food items that can’t be found anywhere else. Prices stated are already inclusive of GST, and there are NO additional service charges, so it’s quite the good deal! There isn’t too many Halal café for our Muslim friends and so don’t miss it if you are looking for a Halal café!

Rouse Cafe @ Dunlop Street

Add: 36, Dunlop Street, Singapore 209364

Tel: +65 6292 2642

Hrs: Mon 11am – 9pm, Wed to Thur 11am – 9pm, Fri to Sat 11am – 11pm and Sun 10am – 7pm

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