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Rolina Traditional Hainanese Curry Puff

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Rolina Traditional Hainanese Curry Puff

Curry puff is curry puff, we have no clue how to differentiate if this is a Hokkien curry puff, Teochew curry puff, Cantonese curry puff or a Hainanese curry puff. So, when we came across this stall in Serangoon Food Centre selling prominently the traditional Hainanese curry puff, we were curious to find out the difference.

Rolina Traditional Hainanese Curry Puff

Rolina curry puff 4

Rolina has been in the business for more than 50 years started from a road side stall, the curry puff much adhered to the traditional way of handmade than machine with the original recipe.

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The curry puff was tightly packed with potatoes, chunks of chicken and eggs, the puff’s skin was thin compared to others curry puffs; it was not flaky, the crisp butter skin was flavourful with a good texture to the bite.

Rolina curry puff 3

Overall, this is a puff of tradition, the spice was mild and curry flavour kind of easy to the taste buds, to the extent, probably a little mild. Perhaps it is precisely the uniqueness of the Hainanese curry puff.

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Rolina Traditional Hainanese curry puff

Address: Serangoon Garden Food Centre #01-32

Operating Hours: 7.30am to 5pm, Closed on Monday

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  • Avatar Marilyn says:

    Wow, Been looking for fat and thin skin curry puff for too many years. Rolina really shock me. thin skin full and round . super curry puff.

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