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Robert Mee Siam – “Pale” but in the pink

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Robert Mee Siam – “Pale” but in the pink!

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It was not appealing at all when we looked at the presentation of the mee siam, not go by the traditional roseate or orangey gravy that we so used to but a plate of “pale” looking light orange or almost whitish gravy, definitely the mee siam gravy was one of the lightest we came across, we were seriously in doubt if we have made the right choice, nothing in the plate can enliven our appetite.

Robert Mee Siam is economical, the standard topping of chives, hard-boiled egg and tau por, $2.50 with extra bee hoon for additional $0.50, we were wondered could it be the attractive price that lure the crowd for queuing up or the mee siam really have the substance to entice the people.

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The very first sip of the gravy was surprisingly delightful, there was a present of sweetness, saltiness and sourness, well balanced in the taste and not overpowering from the spice or the sour tinge from the tamarind or assam, the taste instantly rekindled our memory about the old time mee siam stall around the corner of the coffeeshop, the nostalgia taste was vividly resonant through our mind and really excite our taste buds.  The bee hoon has the right texture and was well saturated with the savory of the gravy, add on the chili paste and the kalamansi lime to have the extra tangy taste if you like to be more “heavy” to the taste. We are equally impressed with the discernible layer of the oil and light touch given to the plate of the mee siam, a seemingly healthier but salivating dish that can satisfy many aspects of our expectations.

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We made our second round of ordering and again finished the plate of mee siam completely without leaving a trace of gravy behind, Robert Mee Siam may not tempting in the look, however, we have to admit we made a mistake this round judging the book by the cover, the “pale” looking gravy not just worth the value but it does have the quality as well. 

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Robert Mee Siam

Address: Whampoa Makan Place, Blk 92 Whampoa Drive #01-43 s320092

Tel: 9383 8229

Operating Hours: Mon to Sun: 0900 – 1430, Closed on Mon, Thurs and Friday (Truly work-life balance:))

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