Rich & Good Cake Shop – choose btw nice cake or bad service 裕佳西饼店

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Rich & Good Cake Shop 裕佳西饼店

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Sometime you just need one good product to concur the world, that is probably the best to denote the popularity of the this cake shop, selling the swiss roll with different fillings and make a name for themselves from this seemingly alluring pastry.

Different flavours are available, namely the all-time hits Kaya and Durian, the less popular flavours of Mango, Strawberry, coffee, blueberry and chocolate. The swiss rolls are much smaller in size and thin in the thickness when compared to those from the regular bakery shops. Perhaps the configuration will give the swiss rolls the optimum balance in the taste with the filling. Each swiss roll is about 30cm long and cost around $7 to $8 per roll, reasonable for the size though the price has been creeping up in the last few years.

rich and good cake shop 2We tried the Kaya and Durian filling since both are the stars of the shop, the cake was spongy and dense but retained much of the softness when bite. The shop used green kaya for the filling which could be more fragrance we thought, luckily the kaya was creamy and without being too sweet, it complemented the sponge cake fairly well.    

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For Durian roll, Rich and Good uses fresh durian filling and perhaps mixed with some cream for the spread, it was aromatic and could be rather enticing to those durian lovers. The durian filling was not too sweet and you got to taste the real fresh from the thorny fruit. However, the durian aroma was not too pungent and quite safe to consume in the office.

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Overall, Rich and Good Cake Shop range of swiss roll’s pastry has never failed the people’s expectations. Judging from the crowd at the shop and the frequent out of stock for many of the flavours, the little shop will likely continue to shine and lure the return of the patrons for the swiss roll, of course, prepare to bear with their equally famous ill-mannered service standard. So, in between the two, are you willing to trade-in the dignity for the yummy pastry?  

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Rich & Good Cake Shop 裕佳西饼店

Address: 24 Kandahar Street

Telephone: 62943324

Operating Hours: Mon – Fri: 09:00 – 17:00, Sat: 09:00 – 16:00, Closed: Sun & PH


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