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Revelry Cafe @ Bukit Timah – Specialising in Sweet and Savoury Waffles

Revelry Cafe @ Bukit Timah 

We reached Revelry Cafe shortly after it opened for business, thinking we were the early birds but surprisingly, a few tables were already occupied with customers. Revelry Cafe seems to have its charms bringing in the crowd.

The cafe has both air-conditioned and outdoor sheltered dining areas; indoor is decorated with lots of Japanese chochin paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling and the walls are painted with quirky art.

The Revelry Cafe specialises in sweet and savoury waffles while also serving up fusion pastas. The popular ones here include the Laksa Prawn Pasta and the Tom Yum Pasta.

The fragrance of truffle oil was noticeable from the whiff of the Truffle Fries ($9). However, it is a cafe and we expected better quality French fries in both texture and flavour, and not something that is comparable to the ones in fast food chains. That somehow discounted the value of this snack. (2.5/5)

You are doing injustice to Revelry Cafe if you leave without ordering their signature Chicken & Waffles ($17). The serving size is amazingly generous; one serving is good enough for two with small stomach capacities. The waffles came with a big deep-fried chicken served on a waffle, topped with greens and you can drizzle the maple syrup to add some zest to the dish.

The chicken was tender, juicy and coated with a flavourful batter. The waffle was light, slightly crispy, and fluffy internally, but it tasted bland on its own without the chicken and Maple syrup. Overall an ordinary dish but thumbs up for the serving size. (3.0/5)

Waffles may be the specialty here but we are more impressed with their fusion pasta, The Laska Prawn Pasta ($17) is made up of Linguine with prawns tossed in the creamy Laska gravy and topped with deep fried Enoki mushroom. The laksa flavour was distinct and rich, and the robust flavour can be felt in every strand of the noodle but is not cloying. The fried Enoki complemented the dish well. ($4.0/5)

Next up, we had the Spicy Crispy Fish Pasta ($17). The linguine is tossed in the Singapore Chili crab-style sauce and topped with deep fried crispy battered fish chunks. Compared to the Laska pasta, the spicy crispy fish pasta is less impressive with its featureless chili crab sauce and battered fish chunks. We all agreed this dish should be ranked the bottom of the four main courses we tried here. (2.2/5)

The Truffle Scrambled Eggs ($17) sees truffle-flavoured scrambled eggs with sauteed tomatoes and fresh avocado with waffles.
The star of the dish has to be the scrambled eggs with its truffle-infused flavour and lovely jiggly texture. Waffle is less ideal with its bland flavour. The generous serving size is definitely a welcoming point for many of the diners here (3.0/5)

Our verdict

Waffles may be in the limelight at Revelry Cafe but we find the Laska and Tom Yum pasta (eaten in the earlier trip and not featured here) are the true highlights here. Honestly speaking, the waffles are nothing to shout about but the generous serving size, no service charge, as well as GST, could well be a nice carrot to lure the diners for a revisit.


No GST and Service Charge as of Oct 2018

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