Ren Ren Desserts 仁仁甜品

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Ren Ren Desserts 仁仁甜品

Desserts are the perennial favorite of the glutton princess and her Queen mother in our glutton family.

Not sure if having a sweet tooth is a common phenomenon among the ladies…but I’m 101% certain that my two ladies possess a big one.

Easily tempted and lured by the prospect of delicious desserts, the duo will turn on their search engine and suss out all existing dessert haunts in the near vicinity of our food trail. So that was how we ended up in Ren Ren Desserts.

Katong Ren Ren Desserts 2

Ren Ren Desserts is located in one of the basement units at Katong Shopping Centre, located near the food court-Katong Gourmet Centre.

We believe it’s strategic location is a crowd puller in and of itself, attracting food court patrons that crave a sweet ending to their meal. Its so strategic that, in fact, that’s how we got drawn to the eatery in the first place.

The shop only opens it’s doors around 1 pm and not the usual 11plus. Perhaps 1 pm is just the right time for those who just had their lunch and are looking for some desserts to complete their meal. Honestly, we did not come with high expectations on Ren Ren, as based on experience, its hard to come across a dessert shop that offers mindblowing desserts. With no preference in mind, we decided to order a selection of desserts that looked visually more appetizing from the menu: Chendol, Ice cream with glutinous rice, mango pudding and warm coffee pudding.


Katong Ren Ren Desserts 4

This is definitely one of the better Chendols we have tasted so far. The fragrance of Gula Melaka was fully captured in the snow-flake fine shaved ice. The green jelly noodles and red bean were soft and al-dente. Everything in the bowl was prepared to near perfection. In taste and style, this Chendol comes a close second to the best and simply unforgettable Chendol we had the privilege to come across in Malacca.

Ice-Cream with Glutinous rice:

Katong Ren Ren Desserts 3

The glutinous rice was well cooked to ensure the softness of the rice. We also liked that they got the level of sweetness just right, balancing the richness of the vanilla ice cream and creamy coconut milk.

Mango Pudding:

Katong Ren Ren Desserts 6

The mango pudding had a great texture and was not too sweet. Topped with cubes of fresh mango, it was my chubby boy’s favourite.

Warm Coffee Pudding:

Katong Ren Ren Desserts 5

We were initially attracted by the unique flavour and decided to be adventurous and give this a try. The pudding has a distinct fragrant but not over-powering coffee aroma. Covered with bread and topped with flavoured milk, we were pleasantly surprised to find raisins nestled in the bread, giving the entire dessert extra bite and brownie points for an interesting texture. W Our final verdict? Surprisingly impressive

Never in our dessert eating history have we expected to find such wonderfully prepared, mouthwatering desserts at the unassuming Ren Ren desserts. Truly a hidden gem we unearthed today. To the glutton family, this is perhaps one of the few rare times we were all greatly satisfied with all the desserts we have tried.  


Ren Ren Desserts仁仁甜

Address: Katong Shopping Centre 865 Mountbatten Road, B1-66, Katong, Singapore 437844

Telephone: 9117 8228

Operating Hours:

1pm – 8.30pm  (Mon – Sat)

1pm – 7pm (Sundays)

Close on alternate Tuesdays


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