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Redhill Curry Rice Review

Redhill Curry Rice 红山咖哩饭


Redhill Food Centre is a hot spot for curry, three famous curry rice stalls and a claypot curry rice fighting fervently for the same pool of customers. Curry rice lovers? At Redhill Food Centre, you have all the best choices.

We have evaluated the China Street Traditional Hainanese Curry Rice, Hong Seng Curry Rice and now the Redhill Curry Rice, how does Redhill Curry Rice fair against the others?

Redhill Curry Rice 12.50


Good curry rice is made up of two key elements, the quality of the dishes and the curry doused over the rice. At Redhill Curry Rice, the Pork chop, egg plant and omelette we ordered are well executed but the curry fish, cabbage and tau pok could be done with more to perk up the flavour.

Tau Pok – should consider using better quality Tau Pok
Pork Chop – could be done better for better texture and fragrance

The curry drenched the rice was a monotonous and uninspiring. Only one type of curry was used and unfortunately, it was diluted and could not dignify the beauty of a good curry. Good Hainanese curry should be gooey in texture and usually more than one type of curry is slathered over the rice to add dimensions to the taste.

Omelette – nothing extraordinary in taste
Egg Plant – perhaps the best among all the dishes
Curry rice – Not the good choice
Cabbage – pretty sure it can be tastier

Our verdict 

Amongst the three curry rice stalls within Redhill food centre, Redhill Curry Rice seems to tail the race. The curry and the dishes are run of the mill and it do not give you satisfaction after the meal. Value for money dishes is probably the plus point here.

Redhill Curry Rice

A: 85 Redhill Lane, #01-95, Redhill Central, Singapore 150085

H: Mon – Sat: 10:30 – 21:30, Closed on Sunday


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